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Why Companies Struggle To Make AI Work!

Most of our clients come to us frustrated. They’re often on the “lost the will to live” richter scale. They’ve hired the best data scientists in the world and given them all that they need. But data always seems to create obstacles. Especially when trying to solve key business problems and deliver high-quality customer experiences.

We understand your frustration (and your data!) And we see three consistent problems companies face:
Messy, Broken, Inaccessible Data Sets
Poor Machine Learning Model Performance
Obstacles around integrating AI to legacy Customer Journeys.

Here’s the secret sauce to making AI work...
use Data and ML Engineering

When your data issues are fixed, your ML models perform at their best. And so do your teams.
We help you redefine your ability to compete and digitally transform your business. The three steps to Adopting and Scaling AI across your organisation are:
Purple tick

Fixing data issues by building real-time data pipelines (Yay!)

Boosting ML model performance end creating leading-edge MLOps capabilities (the POWER!)

Using AI to create meaningful human experience journeys (magnifique!)

With Specialist Knowledge And Advanced Qualifications In ML, Our Expert Project Squads Deploy And Integrate Solutions In Record Time.

Consider how much time and energy your data scientists spend on trying to fix data issues. Consider how long it takes them to redeploy or retrain a Model. Now, imagine if we could reduce that to a fraction of the time and effort that it takes today.

As an AI-Enablement Company, this is what we do best:
Our team of experts have deep knowledge of data engineering, ML engineering and human experiences
We have a proven track record in modernising enterprises ability to make AI work for data Science teams
By deploying world-class best practices we are able to do this in a fraction of the time using hyper scaler technology
Fixed pricing that is sure to put a smile on your face
We provide you with the risk-free certainty of a fixed price, fixed timeline solution. While working with us, we help build your team and their capability in becoming experts at delivering AI solutions.

How We Make Your AI Work
(harder than you but that’s a good thing)

Our AI specialists work in an Agile-Scrum flat structure. This essentially empowers them to innovate, remain autonomous and make rapid, calculated decisions that allow them to build cutting edge technical solutions.

Part of this approach focuses on modernising your legacy environment and giving you the ability to deliver automated deployment architectures for code, data and ML.

We make your AI work by:

The Great Migration
Helping you migrate to one of three hyperscalers of your choice in a cost-effective and efficient way.
The Plumbing
Building out smart data pipelines from legacy applications and databases into a cloud-based big data warehouse.
The Toolbelt
Productionising your ML capabilities by building suitable toolchains that automate and improve your MLOps.
The API Appetite
Ensuring that all data, microservices and models are readily available through scalable API platforms.
The Experience
Utilising Human Experience Design to ensure unique customer journeys are easily manageable by AI.

Our Certifications

To solve complex data challenges, we ensure that our Cloud Architects, Machine Learning Engineers and Data Engineering teams are certified in either GCP or AWS.

21 Certifications

14 Certifications

1 Certification

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The Value Of AI In A Successful Airline! Airlines that differentiate themselves from the rest understand the data behind the passenger experience that they provide. Data provides greater control and management of the customer experience, giving you the ability to quickly recover from failure and unforeseen circumstances is absolutely critical.

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Our Culture - A Key to Success

Peter Drucker’s comment “culture eats strategy for breakfast” is spot on.
It’s why we spend a huge amount of time working on our culture. Which is built around putting our staff first.

And yes, while the idea is attractive; articulating, growing and managing culture is far harder than any strategy process or plan. Culture is subtle, messy and made up of conflicting personal beliefs and behaviours.

Rather than break it down on an entire page, we have put together a Way of Working deck to better represent what we believe in.

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The Value Of AI In A Successful Airline!​