3 Real World Use Cases of Generative AI in Creative Marketing

In the dance between technology and human innovation, the impact that we’re seeing with generative AI in creative marketing is nothing short of mind-blowing.

This innovation has gracefully twirled from abstract concept to a leading role within societies across the world. And we can agree that it’s certainly turning heads in marketing and advertising sectors with its mesmerising potential

It’s also far more than just a flashy move or a passing trend. This technology is ushering in a transformation and driving tangible business value that resonates across industries.

And more specifically, creative marketing.

With some great insights from Forbes and Business Insider, we’re taking you on a journey through a few of the spins and leaps of Generative AI in Creative Marketing. 

Turbocharging Content Development

In the high-stakes arena of digital marketing, the ability to quickly produce engaging content is a complete and total game-changer. 

Through leveraging the power of AI, businesses are already hopping onboard the content augmentation train. With tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and Notion, creating quality content at an unprecedented speed has never been easier.

But generative AI is taking this to the next level. 

Imagine you’re able to have your own custom-made AI tool. One that could conceptualise, design, and produce an entire advertising campaign within minutes. While it might sound like a complex and pricey plunge, it’s becoming an affordable reality for businesses globally.

Take for example an AI platform that has disrupted traditional content creation norms by generating ready-to-publish advertising campaigns in less than ten minutes.  

“One adtech startup showed Forrester a prototype of an AI platform that produced an entire advertising campaign in less than 10 minutes — ready to publish to multiple social APIs at the click of a button,”

These capabilities are empowering marketers with a new level of flexibility and agility. Ultimately helping them respond swiftly to emerging trends and business needs.

Automating the Mundane to Unleash Creativity

Generative AI’s potential is not limited to crafting unique content; it is also a robust tool for automating tedious tasks. 

Take the pain-staking task of cataloguing ad invoices, there are tools that now allow that to be effortlessly managed by AI.

This automation enhances overall efficiency by freeing creative professionals from mundane tasks, giving them more time to focus on strategic, creative aspects of their work. 

According to an article by Business Insider, Erik Hamilton, VP of search and social at Good Apple used GPT-4 to write Python code that could grab Google Ads invoices, download them, and section those invoices into the appropriate folders. While still needing to implement and test the code, Hamilton said it saved him hours of time.

“I just told it specifically what I needed and listed out in a certain way, what the folders were, and how it should build those file paths. I tried to be as prescriptive as possible and let the AI do the rest,” said Hamilton. 

It’s a win-win for businesses and their employees, who can now focus on the jobs they love while the AI does the heavy lifting in the background.

Powering Creativity with AI Assistants

The concept of AI as an assistant, rather than a replacement for human labour, has become a beacon of hope for those wary of the rise of machines. 

And in the context of generative AI in creative marketing, this idea is being put to practical use. Especially as it’s proving to be an invaluable tool in augmenting human creativity and skill in various ways.

A case in point is Stagwell’s PRophet, an AI-powered platform built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3. PRophet aids in idea generation, content development, and evaluation and is able to analyse press outlets to determine the best targeting approach, while generating PR and social content. 

And it doesn’t eliminate the need for PR professionals. Rather, it provides a base for them to edit, personalise, and publish.

The result? 

Amplified human creativity, complemented by AI’s processing power. PRophet not only simplifies the workflow but also enriches the final output by providing more comprehensive and in-depth analysis.

The Future Is Here

Generative AI, with its potential to scale creative marketing, has already moved beyond the hype. 

It’s not just about replacing humans with machines. It’s about augmenting human abilities, freeing up time for creative pursuits, and providing valuable insights to drive better decisions.

As we look forward, the creative sector’s future appears increasingly intertwined with AI, providing us with a glimpse of the transformative impact technology can have when paired with human creativity. 

To all those in creative industries: embrace this technological advancement and witness how it revolutionises the landscape of marketing and beyond.

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