3 Strengths to Develop As A Rebel Technologist

Becoming a rebel technologist isn’t difficult.

You simply need to build on and develop a few important skills.

It includes having a firm understanding of your ability to push through hard times. Knowing how well you’re able to convince and convert those around you. And whether or not you have a deep-seated passion for the value behind technology.  

Look at these 3 skills and put yourself to the test.


Grit needs to be a part of your core makeup.

It’s the only way to stand through adversity as a rebel technologist. 

You are going to have everyone throw every item in the sink all at once. Everyone’s going to tell you that it’s not possible and that it’s been done before. And they all have much better reasons than what you have.

Focus on pushing on through that. Persevere. See beyond it. 


Being able to sell internally is crucial to being a rebel technologist. 

You need to think about how you’re able to persuade people across the spectrum. You need to have the ability to have everyone within your business on board with your idea, or your plan. 

It’s vital that you’re willing to understand how to persuade (and sell to) people. 

Get them on board by adding value in their lives. Play the game to everyone’s benefit.


Funnily enough, you don’t need to know technology to become a rebel technologist.  

Not everyone needs to be a technologist. You simply need to have this enduring fire inside of you and an unshakeable belief that modern technology will get you to where you want to go. 

Every business is now a technology business. See the silver-lining. Get into it. And cease the boundless opportunity.

Develop These 3 Strengths

All it takes is courage, cogency, and craving to become a rebel technologist. 

Start building them today. 

And whether you’re maxed out on these stats, or still building them up, share your thoughts. Have I missed any traits?

Have you always been a rebel technologist, but simply weren’t aware?

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