5 Critical Reasons Why Airlines Should Own Their Customer Experience

5 Critical Reasons Why Airlines Need To Own Their Customer Experience

The experience that you provide to your customers ultimately determines your success as an organisation. If they walk away with a bad experience, not only do you lose out on recurring revenue, but also credibility. That’s why, as an airline, it’s your responsibility to take ownership of your customer experience.

By placing the customer, passenger or client at the core of your decision-making, you’re able to create an experience that reinforces their loyalty and produces massive results in terms of profits, sustainability and competitive advantage. 

The real problem lies with ownership.

owning and managing the airline customer experience

By relying on centralised third-parties that control your data assets and infrastructure, the inevitability of error and failure becomes greater. Systems crash, software fails and downtime leaves behind a trail of insecurity. That’s why taking control of the technology used to provide an unforgettable experience is so crucial.

Here is a list of the top 5 advantages that come with owning your airline’s customer experience: 

1. Additional Revenue Streams and Real-Time Competitive Advantage.

Companies that offer a desirable customer experience have shown to bring in 5.7 times more revenue than their competitors.

In order to better understand the customer journey, it’s essential to extract,  gather and understand your customer’s data to map-out a hyper-personalised experience. By controlling and offering a customised journey through AI, you’re able to identify additional revenue streams that suit the customer. This is while ensuring that you always remain ahead of the competition – especially when it comes to price and reliability.

2. Greater Customer Retention

When American Express placed customer experience at its core, there was a 400% increase in customer retention.

By providing competitive pricing options, easy-to-use features and reliable service for your high-valued customers, you ensure loyalty and retention. Having ownership of the technology that provides these features allows you to focus and hone-in on customer pain points. This gives you clarity around what is required to retain long-lasting and devoted customers.

3. Constant Improvements

Traditional legacy IT systems are outdated and increasingly inefficient, while the modern DevOps approach offers reduced costs, faster customer response time and enhanced delivery.

Being in control of your software development and operations teams allows you to adapt and improve the customer experience on the fly. You’re able to implement a DevOps system that has you constantly developing and refining the experience that you offer. With a balanced system between these teams, deploying new features and enhancements becomes a pleasure to deal with.

Data provides greater control and management of the customer experience, giving you the ability to quickly recover from failure and unforeseen circumstances is absolutely critical.

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4. Recovery and Backup 

When Amazon had a major 75 minute outage back in 2018, technical glitches and broken landing pages lost them a whopping $1.2 million every single minute.

By having control of your digital environments, it’s easier to roll-back and recover when things go wrong. Centralised platforms make it difficult to make changes and create differentiators – often resulting in irreversible damage. Complete ownership of your digital assets allows you to easily identify issues and obstacles. This allows you to back out, recover, and adapt whenever necessary. 

5. Ensures Financial Stability

It is estimated that poor customer experiences lead to losses of over $41 billion each year.

Managing the entire journey of your customer is as important as Google Search is to Google. Other than the effect that it has on the overall stability of your organisation, the financial implications that come with not having complete control of your customer experience can be detrimental. You want to own both the code and the infrastructure. So when things go wrong, you’re in control of your own domain. This will ensure a sense of stability in your organisation, as well as the customer.

Owning the technology that drives your airline’s customer experience will make a huge impact on your future returns; it allows you to remain competitive and effective in your delivery, it improves relations and the perceptions of both your customers and employees, and gives you control over the obstacles and challenges that will inevitably come your way.

While most organisations spend years on their path to digital transformation, Teraflow works with customers to start this journey in weeks and complete it in under 6 months. Best of all, we are able to help you recover from failure by having adequate backup and disaster recovery mechanisms in your most important customer journey.   

Take ownership and complete control of your digital assets, infrastructure and the overall customer experience, today.

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