64% of People Prefer Chatbots Over Websites

Chatbots are fast becoming the best way to navigate websites and find information.

In fact, a surprising 64% of consumers say that instead of browsing a website, they would rather use a chatbot to find what they want.

These digital assistants act as the easiest and most convenient way to create a seamless, connected experience for customers. The ability to access information is quick, accurate and far more conversational. 

Plus, with AI thrown into the mix, the technology keeps on getting better.

Convenience Packaged Into Code

The findings by Botco.ai, also reveal that the majority of marketing professionals (93%) are already making effective use of chatbots. For both prospects and customers. 

And around 98% of these professionals list improvements in both the overall customer journey, as well as lead conversions.

This rise in popularity is likely due to the wide-ranging capabilities of these digital assistants. 

They can instantaneously respond to questions. They can understand natural language. And with AI and machine learning acting as close relatives, they allow for powerful user experiences.   

Like completing transactions quickly and easily. Sending money, checking balances, buying data, etc. becomes an even simpler process.

As chatbots continue to evolve, it’s likely that their capabilities will only get better. 

From booking appointments to plane tickets through text or speech, the myriad of tasks that this technology can handle is a highly attractive option for all types of business.

The Easiest Way To Get One

By providing customers with a chatbot interface, businesses can make it easier for their customers to find the information that they need.

However, developing and deploying a chatbot doesn’t come without its challenges:

Developing a chatbot requires gathering data and then cleaning that data. It requires coding and building the bot. It also needs specialist knowledge in machine learning and AI. 

With data gathering, the data must be accurate and representative of how the chatbot will be used in order to provide an exact user experience. Once the data is gathered, it needs to be cleaned and prepped for use. 

The data will essentially be used to train AI and machine learning algorithms. Which will help your chatbot learn and predict user behaviours. So it needs to be of the highest standard and quality possible.

When it comes to building a chatbot, the process requires AI and machine learning skills, as well as coding expertise. 

Then, once it is built, it needs to be deployed and managed.

Now, with over 50% of IT pros finding major challenges in finding the right talent, building out a chatbot becomes a difficult objective to achieve.

Unless. You outsource the work.

Start Building A Chatbot For Your Enterprise Today

Don’t struggle with developing a chatbot on your own.

Our experts can quite literally take care of everything for you! 

With our data engineering, machine learning, cloud and UX design expertise, we can help you get your chatbot up and running quickly and easily. 

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