7 Reasons Why You Want to Join Teraflow


(Come join the cool kids in town)

Hi there!

Thanks for taking a moment to look at what Teraflow offers our staff.

My name is Michael Cowen, and I am the Global CEO.

At our core, we work to support our clients with the necessary skills to make digital transformation a reality. With data and ML engineering, UX design and software development, we provide cutting-edge solutions to a wide range of industries across the globe.

We are building our business differently with my co-founders, Brett St Clair and Prinavan Pillay! We have a very unique perspective on how businesses should work, and we are ultimately building a system that works for our people.

But what does this mean?

Well, here are seven reasons why you should see us differently and why we would love to engage with you about joining us!




People First.

“Inspired people shape and shift the world they work in, leaving a true legacy.”

“People passionate about the value they create find deeper meaning in the small moments – leading to deeper personal satisfaction and wellbeing.”

These two statements are why we put our people first! Clients come second and partners, third. We mean it. We have gone so far in living this principle that we’ve even let go of a client for mistreating our staff. 

It’s why we are serious about our culture. We see this as our most significant differentiating factor. One that translates into the way we solve problems, our way of working and our way of delivery!

Indeed, talk is cheap. And action is everything.

So, put this to the test – reach out to any of our staff and ask them (we won’t tell them you’re coming).

The staff first mindset means we deliver consistently and to a much higher standard. This is because we are looked after, cared for and always front of mind when group-wide decisions are made. It allows us to focus on amazing delivery to our customer, who, although second on the priority list, reaps all the benefits of a staff first business.

CloudOps Lead


Work with
the Best.

Like you, we want to work with the best.

We believe that it defines our ability to impact the world, who we are individually and how we grow as a collective. That’s why we have a thorough recruitment process that looks at attracting and employing what we call A-Players.

Not only are we looking for the best technical talent, but we are also laser-focused on making sure all our staff are culturally aligned.

We do all our work in squads which are designed to ensure that you thrive in a healthy, happy and collaborative working environment.

The collaborative culture at Teraflow celebrates and encourages free thinking. It also supports transparency and sharing across every aspect of the organisation. At Teraflow, I am surrounded by an incredibly talented team with diverse skill sets, which is always beneficial in problem-solving and up-skilling.

Data Engineer


My Career.

Where are you now, and where are you going?

We want to double your value in the market. When you leave us, we want to see you go on to more incredible things.

This means that you need to build the right skills, laying a future foundation for your growth. It is why we have replaced the traditional performance management process with a framework called Design My Career. This helps you map out where you want to grow and how we can help you get there.

We have a comprehensive plan that we’ve put in place which aligns with your ambitions and helps you build out better technical skills, leadership abilities and your overall market profile. This process is a direct action that lives up to our staff first principle.

We grow through each other.

Design My Career is all about discovering where you are
to find out where you’re going. This framework at the start
of your Teraflow journey helps you identify your meaning and purpose and helps you reach your potential in your growth journey. Design My Career encompasses your technical up-skill through DataCamp and squad performance evaluations. It also helps you look at identifying your personal motivations through the Enneagram and relational impact through our Mentorship Programme.

People and Culture


Personal Empowerment.

We have a Swarm business model which means that we work in squads. We do this because we believe that the traditional top-down hierarchical approaches are limiting and often governed by company politics. None of that here.

We empower distributed decision-making to replace outdated executive decision-making processes to get this right. Most decisions need to be made at a squad level and we work with you to develop the leadership and capability to perform better
in these environments.

We use the Enneagram to aid and support you in this process. It helps you understand your core motivations and how they translate into decision-making, how you communicate, what your blind spots and trigger points are, and how you perform
under stressful, challenging circumstances.

Teraflow’s distributed decision-making approach allows
you to become leaders in your own right to become a crucial part of Teraflow’s growth! At Teraflow, we believe that your idea, whether big or small, should be shared and shared with confidence. We are here to grow together, learn from, and empower each other. If there’s one thing that resonates with Teraflow, it’s that the “sky’s the limit” and, as a team, we are here to collaborate and work together to help Teraflow, and one another, reach our full potential.

Data Engineer


Accelerated Learning

I am sure you have heard that failure is the key to learning.  We agree and believe that growth comes from getting things wrong sometimes. We see life and work as a feedback loop that reveals how well you are doing!

So, how do we build a safety net that gives you the courage to make decisions and allows you to fail? Especially given our Swarm approach, where we are trying to limit traditional management and supervision structures.

We have replaced the idea of management with mentorship and a mentorship mindset!

Our culture is very empowering, giving you the support you need through colleagues (not bosses) who can help and support you through your work. This is done in unstructured environments while on the job and through structured mentorship programs.

At Teraflow, I get to experience multidimensional growth. My skills and capabilities have grown in such a short time, and every challenge becomes empowering – especially being surrounded by teams and people who are far more experienced and skilled than me and who still take the time to encourage and support the small steps of progress I make. Solving problems as a team makes learning fun and what could possibly accelerate learning more than some fun? 😉

Data Engineer


Hierarchy of Responsibility

This is one of my favourites!

We run a swarm-based business model – which is really a decentralised business that focuses on teams and learning from the bottom up, rather than the top down. 

This is why we have replaced a hierarchy of positions with a hierarchy of responsibility – it allows us to do the few things that we need to do well, well, very well :). 

We run everything at a squad level and place one problem at the squad’s centre. This gives the squad a clear and focused outcome of what needs to be delivered. Within this context, our way of working looks at what each person is responsible for, which is collectively agreed upon with the squad. Then each person is hyper-focused on delivering their responsibility! 

This allows us to get rid of the politics and power plays that can happen.     

When people ask me what I do, my response is often met with confusion, sometimes intrigue, and even a hint of jealousy. It’s not often that you get a guide to your journey of self-discovery; a person to help you see opportunity and seize your true potential. In a nutshell, I was hired to double each individual’s value. Whether that means money, fame, influence or personal growth, I assist in making dreams a reality.

Engagement Engineer


We Work

Agile is the new way of working, allowing for fast
turnarounds, quick corrections and daily alignments.

It’s where our mentorship replaces traditional management, and collaboration replaces instruction. It’s also the only way that, we believe, squads should work.

We have worked hard on this approach and we keep refining it as we progress. It’s what allows us to transform our approach to solving problems and our delivery method.

As mentioned, we work in agile squads – this is the heart of our business and where our core leadership, that actually drives the business forward, sits.

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