A Round-Up Of Some of the Latest AI Stats in 2024

As explosive as AI is, finding one place to get to the stats can be pretty time-consuming. 

Unless you’re a fan of Phind, or Perplexity. *If you know, you know

But being that there’s a lot going on, including finding reputable sources, we’ve done a short round up of some of the stats coming from IBM and Forbes.

Here’s a snapshot of the key findings:

IBM Reports:

  • The Pulse of AI Deployment: A significant 42% of IT professionals in large organisations have already embraced AI, with another 40% on the cusp of exploration. The generative AI wave has caught 38% of enterprises in its tide, actively implementing it, while 42% are meticulously exploring its vast potential.
  • Geographical Front-Runners: The AI adoption race is led by countries like India (59%), the UAE (58%), Singapore (53%), and China (50%), showcasing a robust engagement compared to the slower pace observed in Spain (28%), Australia (29%), and France (26%).
  • Industry Vanguard: The financial services sector emerges as the vanguard of AI adoption, with half of the IT professionals indicating an active deployment within their organisations. The telecommunications sector is not far behind, with 37% marking their foray into AI.
  • Catalysts of Change: The surge in AI adoption is fueled by the democratisation of AI tools (45%), the imperative to streamline costs and automate processes (42%), and the seamless integration of AI into off-the-shelf business applications (37%).
  • Diverse Applications: The application of AI spans across various facets of business operations, including IT process automation (33%), security enhancement (26%), governance (25%), and insightful analytics (24%). Other notable areas include document flow automation, customer service, and fraud detection, each carving its niche in the AI landscape.
  • Evolving Landscape: The recent transformations in AI are predominantly characterised by the ease of deployment (43%) and a noticeable increase in data, AI, and automation proficiency (42%).

Forbes Reports:

  • Productivity Powerhouse: 64% of businesses are betting on AI to turbocharge their productivity. The anticipation of efficiency gains is palpable, signalling a shift towards embracing AI’s capabilities to streamline operations.
  • Customer Connection Catalyst: Another 64% of business moguls see AI as the key to unlocking deeper, more meaningful customer relationships. The potential for AI to personalise interactions and anticipate needs is reshaping the customer service landscape.
  • Economic Engine: By 2030, AI is slated to turbocharge the US GDP by an astonishing 21%, a testament to its transformative economic potential.
  • The Job Creator: Against the backdrop of job displacement fears, AI emerges as a beacon of hope, projected to spawn 97 million new roles, showcasing its capacity to revolutionise the workforce.
  • Versatility at Play: In 2024, AI’s versatility shines in its popular applications – from managing messages and financial queries to planning travels and crafting social media content. AI’s adaptability is reshaping our daily routines.
  • Growth Trajectory: With an annual growth rate pegged at 37.3% through 2030, AI’s ascendancy is undeniable, marking a new era of technological evolution.
  • Market Size Marvel: The AI market is on a meteoric rise, projected to balloon to $407 billion by 2027, up from $86.9 billion in 2022, signalling an industry in rapid expansion.
  • Talent Hunt: The race for AI expertise is heating up, with 39% of businesses hiring software engineers and 35% onboarding data engineers for AI-driven initiatives in 2022.
  • Displacement Dilemma: Despite its potential to revolutionise the job market, AI poses a displacement risk to 400 million workers globally, prompting a recalibration of workforce strategies.
  • Adoption Leaderboard: China leads the AI adoption charge, with 58% of companies integrating AI into their operations, showcasing a forward-looking approach to technological assimilation.

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As we delve deeper into the realm of AI, we’re seeing a dynamic ecosystem, ripe with opportunities and challenges unravel. 

As we stand on the brink of a technological renaissance, it’s imperative to harness the power of AI, navigating its complexities with agility and foresight. The journey of AI adoption is not just about implementing technology; it’s about shaping the future of industries, economies, and societies at large. 

Let’s embrace this journey, unlocking the boundless potential of artificial intelligence, one innovation at a time.

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