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This is our core belief and the purpose of our business!

And it changes everything.

Creating Value starts with you, and when you find value in your daily work, through your daily interactions internally and with clients, the magic starts to happen.

To create this magic we have flipped the Legacy business model on its head, i.e. We put our staff first!

Yes, that means we put our people before our clients. And it's really not as is not as strange as it sounds.

Let’s sum it up in this tongue twister: People who find value for themselves create value for others, and in return, get even greater value back for themselves.

This is why we are building Teraflow.ai around our PEOPLE. Let us expand in the comparison below what this really means:

Teraflow runs a Swarm Business Model

This is a decentralised model of autonomous teams who are empowered to make decisions (decentralised decision-making), working in true agile ways to deliver and respond to clients' needs. This approach can only be built on a meritocracy, grown through personal accountability and leadership of the self before others.

You can see what taking the red pill means, can’t you? 🤯

We create the magic that makes the change happen.

The Traditional Business Model

Most corporates run a centralised decision-making structure, where power is concentrated at the top of the organisation and decisions are made by a small group of individuals. This results in slow decision-making in a highly structured bureaucracy that lacks flexibility and is slow to respond to the accelerated changes required to make a real impact in the world. Leadership is about positions of power that lead to stunted growth and a lack of personal accountability.

This is the legacy blue pill.

You can now see why running a business built on the bedrock of People and Value changes everything.

Here are some examples of what this means practically:

We recruit for culture first and then for talent!

Our culture brings us together and guides the way that we do things. When we are culturally aligned, work is easier, and you look forward to your days rather than dread Monday mornings.

You can see what taking the red pill means, can’t you? 🤯

We create the magic that makes the change happen.

We are a True Agile Organisation (New Ways of Working).

We call this our FloJo, which is our Mojo! There is a strong cultural part to this, and to enable magic to happen, we have killed bureaucracy by building a progressive business model that allows our teams to deliver our clients solutions where others can't.

Decentralised, Autonomous Teams (with no managers)

The best way to kill bureaucracy is to eliminate management, thereby allowing the teams to manage themselves. Here is a simple example: If you need to take leave, you just ask your squad. If it makes sense for the team and the project you are working on, it's a done deal. If not, you'll work out when it works best together.

Personal Accountability (Politics)

Before you lead others, you must lead yourself. That is why our progressive business model is built on personal accountability. You are responsible for your career, your delivery, and the support you give your squad. This approach takes typical corporate politics out of the business. We are an entirely merit-based (Meritocracy) business. What you put it in is directly linked to what you get out. No waiting for boxes to be ticked or a specified number of years to go by...

Design My Career - A self-directed career program

It's your future, your growth, and your ambition. It's not for us to limit you but rather enable you. Our Design My Career framework allows you to determine where you want to go within the context of what we offer. Growth is not a corporate ladder for us.

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