Data is a new, precious commodity. And it’s the fuel that drives AI.

For you to compete and remain in the landscape of an AI-driven Economy and Industry 4.0, your data needs to be treated as your greatest strategic advantage.

Our Mission: To enable a comfortable and hassle-free journey into AI.

The future of every business is AI.

What we Believe

This means that a wave of intricate and complicated challenges are on the way. That’s why our dedicated team of professionals thrive on providing the most effective solutions to a wide range of your current tech problems, while offering you comfort and simplicity on your digital transformation journey.

We Transform Your Data Into Value.
We Modernise Your Infrastructures.
We Make Your AI Work.

How Teraflow Can Help You

Our global team works across a vast range of industries and competencies and we have found that there are two critical problems every organisation faces when trying to make their AI work:

The First Challenge

lies in pulling together the many outdated, legacy datasets and applications in real-time. This is to get both a thorough view of your business and to use it in Machine Learning (ML) models that automate and simplify mundane processes.

We provide certified professionals that specialise in cloud migration and ML. By using real-time data pipelines that are centralised into Big Data warehouses in the cloud, you’re able to garner insights from Big Data stacks in real-time and build models that help tackle critical business challenges. Problem solved.

The Second Challenge

How do you productionise this data?
By implementing Machine Learning operations in the cloud, we give you the ability to take your models from inception to production in a matter of days, as opposed to several months – something that most data scientists struggle with at the moment.
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We are a global company based out of London, with local offices in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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