Meet The Team

Wondering about who’s behind the scenes?
Then you have to meet our team!

With sublime backgrounds, distinct problem-solving abilities, and fascinating personalities, we’ve become a true force of nature in enterprise evolution. Take a minute to familiarise yourself with the technical and operational masterminds, the mad marketers, our huggable HR, and the eccentric founding fathers of Teraflow!

Our Teranauts


The true brains behind what we do, our technical teams ensure rapid delivery (and of the highest calibre). By materialising code and implementing the tech behind the AI, their keen ability to provide solutions across complex problems is not to be underestimated.

Adlin Pillay

Data Engineer

Dhiren Tahilram

Cloud Architect

Dirk Steynberg

Data Engineer

Dominic Kafka

MLOps Engineer

Gerhard Britz

Data Engineer

Hameeda Saif

Software Engineer

Jacques Pienaar

Software Engineer

Jason Hanf

Software Engineer

Jean-Luc Human

Software Engineer

Johann Hagen

Software Engineer

Kaluba Chikonde

Data Engineer

Karen Viljoen

Data Engineer

Kevin Sheasby

Cloud Architect

Leo Bogolubov

Data Engineer

Maric Cowen

Software Engineer

Neil Potgieter

CloudOps Engineer


For us, operations acts as the golden thread between people, processes, and technology. Consistently driving efficiency, they enable distributed and data-driven decision-making across the organisation to improve each individual, day by day.

Jodi Merry

Operations Engineer

Justin Gerber

Operations Lead

Justin van Dyk

Scrum Master

Lee Nel 

Operations Coordinator

Timir Himraj

Scrum Master


Bringing bold ideas to reality through stark imagery and clear language, the marketing team communicates who we are, what we stand for, and what we’re capable of. By peeling through the layers of technical (and often cryptic) thinking, they take different visions and render them visual.

Arnold Petersen

UI/UX Designer

Ashleigh Bredeveldt

Social Media Specialist

Laurie Meiring

Digital Strategist

Simone De Villiers

Engagement Engineer

Tyler Thompson

Content Writer

Human Resources

HR is the open, caring and supportive team that drive our staff-first approach. Fostering a culture of empowerment and creating impact for our staff by doubling their value, they maintain ambition and improve morale for everyone.

Ann Teichert

HR Manager

Kirsty Wilde

Office Manager

Nicole Stephens

Technical Recruiter


Our “secret weapon” for charming, onboarding and retaining new clients. As creative thinkers and engagement professionals, our sales and customer engineers spend time dissecting and addressing the pesky legacy problems that our clients deal with. Ultimately, they set the scene for true Digital Transformation, offering modern, practical solutions to the bottlenecks that legacy technology and ideology bring.

Gabriel Eisenberg

Sales Engineer

Hans Mol

Commercial Director (UK)

Simon Katende

Sales Engineer

Taahir Kathree

Senior Business Analyst


Our founding fathers are both the power supply and the processing unit – without them, there would be nil. As the architects that built this machine, they’re constantly striving to deliver world-class solutions through thoughtful innovation and nurturing practices. 

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