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A next step in your career that will take you to the next level.

Right now every Data, Cloud, ML or Software Engineer faces a red pill, blue pill choice!

You know where you want your career to go so only one will be the right choice for you…

The world you know
Most corporates have a centralized decision-making structure, concentrating power at the top and relying on a small group to make decisions. This leads to a sluggish, rigid bureaucracy that is unresponsive to fast and impactful changes. Leadership positions become synonymous with limited growth and a lack of accountability.

The reality we offer

Teraflow uses a swarm approach. This refers to a decentralised model of autonomous teams, empowered to make decisions in truly agile ways to deliver and respond to clients’ needs. It’s a meritocracy, grown through personal accountability and self-leadership before others.

You can see what taking the red pill means, can’t you? 🤯 We create the magic that makes the change happen.
So what will it be? Red? or Blue?

Red Pill

Work with true modern, agile teams that get models into production!

(With the freedom, responsibility and ability to determine your path!)

Blue Pill

Work for amazing corporate brands, while working your way up the corporate ladder, building a brilliant CV.

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