Agile Mindset Isn’t only at the level of technology

Agile mindset isn’t only at the level of technology.

When we think about being agile, when we think about moving fast, we often tend to think only at the level of how we build and how we deliver for our customers.

But your entire business needs to be operating in an agile way.

Which means you’ve got to be responsive to changes in the market.

As an executive, as a business leader, and as a business owner, you have to be flexible and responsive enough to cope with the dynamic nature of technology.

Don’t Foster Too Much Dependence on A Single Customer.

You need to adapt and respond when there’s a rattle in the market. Think of major events (like lockdown), the disruption of an industry, big changes in tech. 

Your business and leadership model needs to be as agile and flexible enough to bounce back.

Bounce back with the right changes in structure. With the right changes in leadership. With the right changes in organisational dynamics. 

Don’t let your management and leadership layers become too archaic.

Otherwise, you create a disconnect in the business. You create a disconnect from the top of the business, to the bottom of the business.

A lot of leaders tend to think they’ve got this one-hit wonder model that has to stick. It’s what the business is built on. Why change it?

Whether it’s decentralised, whether it’s typical hierarchical leadership, whatever it is – I think the bottom line is that it needs to be responsive. 

Not so watered down that you don’t get traction. But just responsive and adaptive enough that you can change with the emerging times.

I believe that’s a lesson in leadership that we’ve all learned from. 

Not just from lockdown, disruptions, or new technologies.

The key is to define the modern, dynamic leader and the right form of leadership to model.

Because that’s what it takes to differentiate yourself.

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