AI News You Missed In February

February has gone by pretty quickly. 

So quick, that you might have missed some of the things that have happened in the AI over the last month. So to keep up with all of the latest news in AI and IT, we’ve got a few interesting highlights of February for you. 

We’re talking AI in wildlife preservation. Virtually indistinguishable deepfakes. And how the next generation of teachers want students playing PC games (at school). 

Check out what you might have missed in February.

Great News For Wildlife Preservation As AI & Big Data Chip In

Thanks to advances in technology like cloud, AI and IoT, wildlife preservation might take on a new form. One embedded with data-driven decision-making at its core. Copious amounts of data come in from satellites, drones and land-based sensors placed on animals, or in their surroundings, every day.

This has led to an era where big Data is king.

A team made up of specialists in animal ecology and artificial intelligence have put forth a cross-disciplinary approach intended to make more effective use of the vast amount of scientifically collected information available through modern tech.

AI-Generated Faces Are Becoming Virtually Indistinguishable

AI-generated faces have become so advanced that humans now cannot distinguish between real and fake more often than not. According to a new paper, human subjects identified fake images only 48.2% of the time.

Which is extremely alarming as far as extortion, non-consensual intimate imagery, financial fraud and even disinformation are concerned. It means that we may soon be living in a world where anything could look nearly exactly what you want it to on video or image.

Next-Gen Teachers Want Their Students Playing PC Games

Nearly every kid’s dream is to play video games at school. Kids love video games. It’s simple. While games can certainly act as an escape to reality, they aren’t without merit. They act as a fantastic medium to create and maintain engagement. Even if the content is educational. 

The University of Cologne has published new research findings that show how future teachers increasingly want to use computer games in the classroom. The study, titled “Teaching With Digital Games: How Intention To Adopt Game Based Learning Is Related To Personal Characteristics” is set to be a game-changer for the future of education.

Want More Content?

February has been a pretty cool month in terms of new findings. It’s pretty safe to say that deep fakes are getting better, or we’re getting worse, at discerning real faces. 

Which is highly alarming. 

But at least all of the animals are going to be in better hands and perhaps games might be included in real courses one day!

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