AI News You Probably Missed In April

This year has offered some exciting progress in the tech space. 

Whether it’s healthcare, retail, airlines, banking or the environment, virtually every area of life can benefit from AI in some form. And because we’re making so much progress with AI, it becomes harder to keep up.

If you’ve been too wrapped up in all of the mayhem that has been April, then we’ve got you covered!

Tackling Biases In AI Through Education

A group of scientists are doubling-down to explore two pressing issues our society currently faces surrounding AI: ethics & environmental science

Or ethics within environmental science, to be more precise.

With AI systems having flaws just like the humans that engineered them, it’s critical that the necessary educational resources and tools are available to environmental scientists.

The Growing Trend Towards Hyperautomation

Finland is at the forefront of hyperautomation, with many other countries falling behind. This is according to research released by analytics firm SAS.

With hyperautomation, organisations are able to make quicker, more accurate decisions and gain an edge over the competition.

“Automation has enabled businesses of all sizes to transform their operations, and hyperautomation is the next step in the journey. Now is the time for them to build it, and other advanced technological solutions, into their digital strategies,” says the Head of Hyperautomation at SAS UK & Ireland, David Shannon.

New Study Shows That Top Reviews Sway Purchase Decisions

Want customers to make that purchase? Then text still matters. Even when it’s in the form of a review. 

A new study has revealed that higher ratings don’t have the complete monopoly on customer purchase decisions. In fact, when faced with products of similar ratings, reviews end up having the biggest impact on the final decision.

“It’s the text of the top reviews that made a difference. This swaying effect only happened for the text reviews. Without text, people are not swayed. It’s the concrete details that are driving this impact,” says researcher Dezhi (Denny) Yin.

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