AI News You Probably Missed In September

Another month, another set of advancements in the AI space. 

During September, researchers looked at identifying trust in AI, using your smartphone as an oximeter and the automation of QA testing in gaming.

Distrust Towards Others Leads to Increased Trust in AI 

If you don’t trust people, you might see AI as more truthful.

A recent study published in the journal of New Media & Society reveals that while individuals who have less trust in other people see AI as more objective and truthful, “power” users that have experience in information technology have the opposite opinion.

“The study found that individual differences such as distrust of others and power usage predict whether users will invoke positive or negative characteristics of machines when faced with an AI-based system for content moderation, which will ultimately influence their trust toward the system,” says Science Daily.

What is the intention behind the study?

According to Maria D. Molina, an assistant professor of communication arts and sciences at Michigan State University and S. Shyam Sundar, the James P. Jimirro Professor of Media Effects at Penn State, the results “may help shape future acceptance of AI. By creating systems customised to the user, designers could alleviate scepticism and distrust, and build appropriate reliance on AI.”

Using Smartphones to Measure Your Blood Oxygen Levels

The next time you need to measure your blood oxygen levels, you could use your smartphone. 

Recently, a team of researchers from the University of Washington and University of California San Diego, proved that smartphones can act as an oximeter that can detect blood oxygen saturation levels down to 70%.

“The technique involves participants placing their finger over the camera and flash of a smartphone, which uses a deep-learning algorithm to decipher the blood oxygen levels. When the team delivered a controlled mixture of nitrogen and oxygen to six subjects to artificially bring their blood oxygen levels down, the smartphone correctly predicted whether the subject had low blood oxygen levels 80% of the time,” according to ScienceDaily.

Automating QA Game Testing With Machine Learning

One of the most powerful (and terrifying) things about AI is its ability to automate and replace mundane tasks. Even in video game development.

Recently, Xbox Game Studios head, Matt Booty made it clear that he aims to replace Quality Assurance (QA) testers with AI in a bid to faster push better products to market.

“I would love to be able to start up ten thousand instances of a game in the cloud – so there are ten thousand copies of the game running – deploy an AI bot to spend all night testing that game, and in the morning we get a report. That would be transformational,” explains Booty.

Although exciting, the backlash might be significant with QA testers being treated poorly in the past and now looking at the possibility of unionising. 

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