AI: The Unsung Hero Transforming Advertising

As advertisers, one strives for that perfect (yet, elusive) campaign, attracting the right consumers, building long-term trust, achieving high retention rates, and reaping referrals define excellence in any advertising endeavor.

But what if we were able to generate perfect campaigns that produced those same results every time? 

In the era of AI, it might soon be a reality that we can replicate time and again. 

They act almost like an AI model that constantly retrains itself in the art of creativity. It’s the reason why brands looking to execute the perfect campaign reach out to agencies for help in the first place.

Perfect campaigns build a continuous integration

Perfect campaigns build a continuous integration that relates to the consumer. 

The perfect advertiser is aware that building trust takes time, knowledge, interest, and carefully crafted funnels, while understanding the impact of a buyer’s intent. This includes the ability to curate a conversation with the audience at scale that resonates and changes consumer behavior. 

They know the technology that can scale campaigns and convert audiences into customers in a cost-effective way. They execute and pivot effectively based on real-time data. Then… They repeat the process.

Note that these are consistent patterns.

The rule to understand how AI will disrupt a role or industry is to look at those traits, and if both are the case then it is ripe for disruption.

Let’s understand where AI comes from and where it is going. 

While AI has been around for the past 60 years, the evolution of compute power, the drastic decrease in compute required and the vast amount of data available, has resulted in huge advances in the AI and tech space. 

Which currently acts a lot like electricity in our lives. It’s everywhere and we’ve become reliant on it. Even though it’s invisible to the naked eye. 

The bottom-line is that it speeds up innovation and if managed ethically, will augment humanity, opening up a landscape of new horizons. We can leave the downside of AI to a separate book for now.

So who will benefit from this disruption?

The Brand: Will have the capabilities to produce deeper consumer understanding, embrace richer communication, drive more content and data, and respond in real-time to squeeze out more yield.

The advertising agency: Gains access to 10x more productivity, 5x more time to be creative under the time constraints, increasing data to better understand the different sub-niches of buyers, broader brainstorming of ideas, more organic reach that is relevant, better feedback loops to pivot in real-time, and more effective selling with the same team.

The consumer: Receives ads for products that are relevant, products offering solutions to actual needs, the foresight to help distill their needs, and the ability to augment not only work, but their daily lives.

Those that will be massively disrupted will be those that ignore the technology and fail to adapt. The future is one of constant real-time change. 

The question becomes: are you ready to embrace AI augmentation?

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