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The real reason why Bob and Karen are thinking of leaving you

Our world is becoming increasingly competitive. And while there are endless ways to remain relevant, it all boils down to how well you treat the customer. If they’re unhappy, then you’re in trouble. And as difficult as Bob or Karen may be, they come first. Why? Because customers are the pulse of every business. Yet, prioritising the customer becomes difficult because: 

Organisations don’t understand Bob and Karen & have very little insight into their behaviour.
It requires specialised expertise to understand and guide customer behavior, especially through digital channels.
Hyper-personalisation of the customer experience at scale is a highly difficult task to execute.

Simplifying CX Design for Your Business

Placing the customer first isn’t a new idea. But the way that it gets done has changed dramatically over the years. And that’s because we’re complex creatures. So to manage this & still cater to their needs, we combine AI and UX Design best practices for remarkable customer experiences. Getting this right means we help you:


Understand the correlations between your Big Data and customer behaviour.

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Use the findings to determine and design a powerful journey that benefits the customer experience.

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Pick out tailored solutions and use AI to deploy & manage customer journeys at scale.

Making Remarkable User Journeys a Reality

With our secret weapon (Arnold, the UX Design Expert) and all of the AI expertise you could dream of, world-class customer journeys become a reality. It’s a behavioural psychologist (Arnold) that works closely with our AI & ML experts to give you crazy cool customer experiences that convert, retain and spread. We only take 3 essential steps to make UX Design work: 


Research and outline user psychographics using tested approaches. 


Determine triggers for behavioural change. 

Run real-time models to predict behavioural shifts and offer solutions.

It’s all about the Human Experience

Our Human Experience Design teams specialise in digital behavioral change & work closely with our ML engineers to deliver magical end user experiences across all industries

The Growing Importance of UX Design

The world’s top businesses are infatuated with their customers. And we don’t blame them. What’s not to like about better profits, improved growth or greater resilience?

Customers are (and will continue to be) the reason things work. The problem is that there are so many ways to impress and persuade customers and that’s scary and overwhelming. And it’s often better left to professionals, like behavioural psychologists.

We like what we like because it’s in our biology. We like pretty things. We like simplicity. We like to feel emotion. We also like to be lazy. And because we’re so complicated, it takes years to understand why we do what we do.

Enter the UX Designer. They blend human behavioural understanding with meticulous design principles. They craft carefully planned journeys to please and persuade the user. They essentially create addicts that can’t get enough of what you have to offer.

Why does it matter?
Firstly, the ROI on UX is simply ridiculous. So stupid, in fact, you’ll read the number twice. It’s 9,900%. Nope, not fiction. And To top it off, proper UX Design has the potential to raise customer conversion rates by up to 400%. It’s only the beginning. Combine that with AI and you’ve got what Google, Apple, Amazon and Uber have. Adopt AI/UX Design and you’ve broken the matrix. It gives you fine-grain control of the customer journey, hyper-personalisation capabilities and innovative user experiences.

UX Design combined with AI is truly the way of the future.

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The Value Of AI In A Successful Airline!​

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