An Opportunity of A Lifetime: AI As Creative Intelligence

How do you take advantage of the creative power that generative AI offers? How do you leverage generative AI in an effective way for you? 

This is a question that I get asked every day, and my answer is simple: You Cant! 

Most Businesses Can’t Harness The Creative Power of Gen AI

Ever wondered why, despite having top-notch business processes and a skilled team, you can’t quite unlock the creative potential of generative AI? 

It’s not just you. Most businesses are facing a similar dilemma.

Some of the biggest challenges that businesses still face are: 

  • Lack of Expertise: One of the main barriers to AI adoption is a lack of expertise. A survey revealed that 37% of businesses cite a lack of expertise as the main problem with the adoption of AI in business.
  • Lack of Digital Maturity: Generative AI depends on the digital maturity of a business. Without being properly equipped with the correct digital capabilities in their operations and with a weak digital culture, leveraging GenAI becomes a nightmare.

But what we’re finding is that with the growth of Gen AI, there has been a complete democratisation of AI, accelerating this powerful technology in tremendous ways. 

We see this with the speed of change at a client level. 

In the UK alone, we’re inundated with client proposals, signalling a seismic shift in how businesses operate. Simply put, Gen AI has become a game-changer, granting us unprecedented access to C-suite conversations.

You’re Probably Sitting on Endless Use Cases

The reason you’re reading this series is because you’ve probably got different applications for this technology.  

Because you sense the untapped applications of AI in your own business.

But we’ve got an old way of thinking in terms of these business models.

While you may have everything – great models, processes, and skills – the missing link is in how you’re using them. This misalignment prevents you from harnessing the transformative power of AI, keeping your business stagnant rather than agile and dynamic.

It doesn’t enable your business to accelerate and transform the way that you work. Because you’re working in the wrong way. 

So how do you change to make yourself more effective in this world of AI?

Let’s go through this

To get to the heart of this, we need to examine our relationship with technology. Let’s step back and let’s understand the role of technology in our lives. 

Because what actually happens is society shapes technology. And technology reshapes society. 

Society and technology are locked in a symbiotic relationship, constantly shaping each other. We’ve witnessed this in everything from horse-drawn ploughs to the industrial age and commercial flights. 

But all of these revolutions have been physical in nature.

AI represents a new frontier; it’s not just another cog in the wheel – it’s the wheel itself, powering a mental and intellectual shift unlike any we’ve seen.

And every time these massive changes in technology have come, they’ve reshaped how we live and feel. 

Why You Can Harness It

It’s safe to say that disruptive technologies fundamentally alter our lives.

And it extends to the way that we live and work. As Sam Altman from OpenAI points out, the transformation that AI brings will shake the very foundations of our society, economy, and daily lives.

So for the most part, AI is uncharted, unseen and it’s really at the dawn of a new disruptive shift in technology. We’ve barely even begun to touch the surface.

Stay tuned, as we dive deeper into how this game-changing shift will redefine not just businesses, but the human experience itself.

Keep an eye on our blog to read more on my next piece!…

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