Are We In The Era of The Rebel Technologist?

Are we in the era of the rebel technologist? 

We’ve all played it way too safe in the majority of enterprises and organisations.

As technologists, we’ve had to live in a world where change is difficult. We have to operate in a world where change is slow. We’ve had to function in a world where removing legacy and technical debt from our technology stacks is near impossible.

Most of the IT leadership around the world is focusing on how to de-risk change. 

And what we see are a couple of things…

Instead of making any deep changes, we apply sticky-tape solutions.

Instead of changing what’s already there, because of pressure to get solutions out of the door quickly, we’re wrapping a solution on top of a bunch of unstable, legacy systems.

And we keep adding these layers. 

So my question to you: Is it the right time for the rebel technologist?

Is it the right time for the technologist that understands it’s their underlying IT infrastructure that needs radical change? 

Change that is fast accelerating what your legacy environments are capable of, in terms of both cost and speed.

Is it the right time for the technologist that understands our need to re-architecture and rethink how we deploy code, how we manage our data and, and how we take advantage of new technologies?

Is it that moment, that era, where we need to stand up and make these tough decisions?

I believe that there is no time like the present to become a rebel technologist in your space.

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