AI: The Unsung Hero Transforming Advertising

As advertisers, one strives for that perfect (yet, elusive) campaign, attracting the right consumers, building long-term trust, achieving high retention rates, and reaping referrals define excellence in any advertising endeavor. But what if we were able to generate perfect campaigns that produced those same results every time?  In the era of AI, it might soon … Read more

Rebel Technologists Are Key to Unlocking AI in Quantum Computing

The secret to unlocking the power of quantum computing by using AI and machine learning lies in culture. Data is exploding fast. And with it comes a number of challenges.  The biggest being the fragmentation of data in large organisations. By hindering innovation and acting as a bottleneck to growth, the vast amounts of data … Read more

Firefighting ≠ Innovation

Our Co-founder Brett St Clair shares interesting thoughts on the similarities (and differences) between internal fire-fighting and innovation. When you’re out fighting fires, you are not innovating. Innovation starts with failing.  But failing and fighting fires are not the same thing.  Fighting fires means reacting to situations that happen out of the blue. It’s reactive. … Read more

What drives a rebel technologist?

I’m on a quest to find the fire in the belly that drives a rebel technologist. Is it that urge that something is bothering you? Bothering you to the extent that you can no longer sit back and ignore it? Is it that feeling that things can be done differently? With the inspiration to stop, step … Read more

Rebel Technologists Thrive When

Rebel technologists thrive when a couple of key environmental factors are in place. The first thing is budget.  Making sure that you can find the necessary budget to be able to instil these changes is an ideal starting point.  If you aren’t working towards some kind of return on investment, somewhere along the line, why … Read more

If you’re done with firefighting…

Are you done with the constant firefighting?  With the instability? With the risk?  Every business puts in some form of effort to find the time, rationale, and priority to fix their underlying firefighting issues. Yet, it’s the same problems day in and day out. If you’re over the firefighting, here are 3 tips to get … Read more

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