You Need To Start With Tech Rebuilds

If you are not considering technological rebuilds continuously, you will always live in a world of legacy.  You will always be making decisions around technical debt. You will always be firefighting. Saving and making millions in cash for our clients across banking, aviation and logistics has reinforced the importance of the rebuild.   The time is … Read more

These Are 4 Enterprise Opportunities Straight Out of Web 3.0

The far-reaching effects of AI and digital transformation have been nothing but tremendous. Advantages that range from cost and resource savings, to life-changing innovations give enterprises and SMBs more than enough to chew on.  With more than 10x growth in completed and nearly completed AI implementations, from 6% one year ago to 63% today, it’s … Read more

How We BOT Your Enterprise: Transfer

Making meaningful change doesn’t come without its challenges. This is even more true in the tech space, where legacy infrastructures and antiquated ways of working act as the ultimate barrier to entry in our increasingly digital world. As an AI-enablement firm, we’ve seen these obstacles time and again across a range of industries. Banking. Aviation. … Read more

WTF in Aviation: Getting The Basics Right (Pt. 4)

The WTF in Aviation: 365 Days to Digital Transformation checklist series contains the secrets to unprecedented growth and scale within the airline sector. It’s your comprehensive list of key areas to focus on so that your airline is able to make a complete and successful digital transformation… Within a year. Been keeping up with our … Read more

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