Improve Costs By Optimising Your AWS Glue Workloads

Whether you’re just getting started with your first AWS data-driven project or have an impressive track-record as a data connoisseur in the AWS ecosystem, AWS Glue is a must. Why?  Because it is a managed service that: With AWS recently releasing their promising and exciting new Autoscaling feature in Glue 3.0, there’s still plenty of … Read more

The Quick Rise of AI-Driven Chatbots & Digital Assistants

Chatbots aren’t just a way to show off how modern and tech-fancy your business is. These digital assistants are much more than that. They simplify mundane processes, improve customer experience and even bring massive cost benefits in the process. To make it better, the chic, creative code behind this tech keeps evolving. And investment keeps … Read more

3 Big Benefits of Data Cleansing

With the sheer amount of data that businesses hold onto and accumulate, it’s essential that all of it is kept safe, organised, accurate and accessible. And having accurate information is important for every business. Big or small. Especially in an increasingly data-driven world. Having accurate employee and customer information means that you can get to … Read more

Data Cleaning: What is it?

Data cleaning. Data cleansing. Or, data scrubbing. Whatever you choose to call it, going through this vital process is essential to the success of any data-driven organisation.  Even more so when ensuring that your data is both prepared and optimised for the best insights, analytics and functionality that your tech stack can offer. And it’s … Read more

3 Big Data Engineering Myths

The value of big data keeps growing. And for most organisations today, it’s essential that every byte of data is used effectively and with purpose. But data is all over the place. It doesn’t all come in the same format. It’s difficult to work with and requires plenty of resources, time and specialised skill. So … Read more

Data Engineering: the Foundation of Business Innovation

Clean, accessible data is the source of true innovation. It fuels insights, analytics, forecasts and even top-notch Netflix recommendations. But it’s not like that type of data just simply exists. Most of the world’s data is messy, disparate and difficult to work with. Especially for data scientists.  So it’s truly up to data engineers to … Read more

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