Why DevOps Is Essential For YOUR Organisation!

Why DevOps Is Essential For YOUR Organisation

Traditionally, software development and IT operations teams haven’t always seen eye-to-eye. With a figurative wall separating them from collaborative efforts, these teams usually act independently of one another; slowing down production time, forming hostility and finding difficulty in navigating the processes that push effective products to market. But with the emergence of DevOps, there has … Read more

What Is AI?

person using black laptop computer

Have a Cloud Computing, Big data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Question or just want to get more videos like this weekly Everyone thinks of AI as robotics. And they’re not that far off. That the true definition is trying to make a computer, replicate the intelligence of a human. There are various components of … Read more

Start Your Journey To Make AI Work!

Your Journey Starts with One Step! You don’t just suddenly wake up one day, and digitally transform. You don’t suddenly wake up with the know-how, where you solve your problems with artificial intelligence. It’s a journey that you have to progress through! Video Transcript Brett St ClairWelcome to teraflow.ai. And I’m really excited about the … Read more

How To Keep Disrupting Yourself

Creating Uncontested Market Leadership We live in a world that has been disrupted, is getting disrupted, and will continually be disrupted. So the question is, can AI help you continually disrupt yourself so that you stay ahead of the game, and really own the market, and show true leadership that your customers keep coming back … Read more

How AI helps you Automate your Competitive Advantage

Speed Counts in an AI World! Replacing mundane, time-consuming, soul-destroying workflows through automation, is just one part of making your organisation more efficient, profitable and happier. Brett and Michael dig a little deeper into this idea. Video Transcript Brett St ClairWelcome to teraflow.ai. I have to admit my absolutely favourite question on the whole world. … Read more

Will AI make you more competitive?

The Entry To The Game We think AI is the entry to the game. Just think about it. AI will help your automate your business, drive efficiencies, reduce costs, gain customers insights, build real-time responsiveness, – and the list goes on. This is a race – if your competition is driving ahead with AI while … Read more