The Digital Shift: From tangible to intangible

All of the previous forms of technology change are physical. AI is mental, it’s intelligence.  This is where the game changing really happens. Because it redefines how we actually live. It’ll redefine how we work. It’ll redefine how we play. Certainly our relationships, communications and more will get redefined through AI.  It will bring massive … Read more

Marketing’s Greatest Opportunity: Generative AI’s Impact on Creative Agencies

Life is about timing, and taking the opportunities that come with that timing. I was recently asked to present a keynote on generative AI in front of a bunch of marketing agencies and creatives.  My brief: How do marketers take advantage of the greatest technical advancement since the light build?  This was about Gen AI, … Read more

TeraCode: People-Driven Business

Culture is an essential component for me to manage the business going forward. We all understand that effort comes through human beings. Certainly, technology is there to enable our capacity and capabilities. Processes are there to govern how we do things. But ultimately, all businesses are driven through their people.  This makes a people oriented … Read more

Teracode: Flow vs. Machine

I’m going to give you a glimpse of understanding into the broader picture behind our flywheel. And the first thing I really want to talk about is this idea of flow, because it becomes important in terms of the way that we’re running the business. think of the business as a system rather than a … Read more

How We Define Business Value

What is the point of business? What is the purpose of all of this? Certainly when we look back at history, business comes out of solving critical human problems.  We look at our need for food, our need for medicine, our need for health, our need for transport. All of these different areas create a … Read more

Driving Change at Teraflow: Why It’s Not Just the CEO’s Responsibility

Change is inevitable. Especially in our rapidly evolving world of AI and technology.  And many expect the CEO to be the master navigator of this change.  While that’s partially true, here’s a twist you may not expect: I don’t govern change at alone. And that’s not a flaw. Here’s why: Change is a Shared … Read more

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