Tech In Recruitment

How do you scale your team using the latest technologies available in recruitment? When I started with recruitment back in 2008, there was no such thing as an Application Tracking System (ATS). While they were emerging,there was nothing like what we have today. Scaling Recruitment Through Applicant Tracking Systems  So the ATS that I first … Read more

Why We Recruit A-Players

I want to talk about A-Players.     What is an A player? How do you identify yourself as an A player? How do you know if you are one and why would we talk about A players?  An A player is that person that we’re always looking for in recruitment. It’s that person who stands … Read more

Using ChatGPT In Recruitment

Above is a quick video on OpenAI’s ChatGPT and how it can be used in recruitment.   Being in the tech recruitment space, the ability to automate those mundane, time-consuming tasks (like forming a recruitment strategy, or building that candidate pipeline) is a massive advantage. For Those of You Who Haven’t Used ChatGPT Before  ChatGPT is … Read more

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