Stop Focusing On One Superpower!

Supercharging your enterprise isn’t about excellence in only one area. You shouldn’t only focus on single attributes like cognition (ML), strength (Cloud), speed/agility (Dev), or flexibility (Data) alone.  Collectively, each ability makes AI work.  The Problem Is That People Tend to Only Focus On Each Niche They tend to see one slice of the entire … Read more

Get To Know The SuperOps Squad

Supercharging your business means building a number of key superpowers. In a previous post, I talk about SuperOps and the power of having superpowers to collectively combat those archaic principles that live within massive organisations. To truly empower and supercharge your business, you need these 4 abilities: Let’s look at them in a bit more … Read more

Who Are the SuperOps?

Smart algorithms and data science are only the tip of the iceberg in making AI work.  Being part of multiple tech startups, and helping to shape enterprise IT over the last 10 years reveals a need for something special to truly have AI takeoff.   That special something? Superpowers. Hear me out. One of the big … Read more

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome To Accelerate Digital Transformation

We’re living in a world where imposter syndrome exists everywhere. Especially in the tech world. And there are two ends of the spectrum:  The older, seasoned leaders and executives in enterprise are feeling outdated and archaic, because things are moving so fast. The young, unconfident youth that feel an overwhelming amount of unnecessary pressure from … Read more

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