Blockchain and The Malta Perspective …. With JP Fabri

Is Regulation A Barrier to innovation

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Regulation is often seen as a restriction to innovation. And in some cases, it certainly is, but in other cases, not so much. Perhaps what defines the difference is your attitude towards building innovation within the context of regulations.

How do people fundamentally make decisions and how do we trust these decisions? How do we build trust through interaction system that we trust? How do we redesign the future social contract going forward? What role does philosophy, anthropology play alongside the technological, economic and legal development of Blockchain, if any?

These are just some of the conversations that we had with JP Fabri at the Blockchain Africa Conference.

Listen up – it was a fascinating chat ?.

A Bit More About JP

An economist by profession, JP Fabri currently leads the Economic and Management Advisory Unit and the Digital Economy Unit at ARQ.

JP has amassed local and international experience both in the private and public sector. Prior to joining ARQ, JP formed part of the private cabinet of the Prime Minister of Malta and Governor of the Central Bank of Malta. He also has international policy advisory experience after having advised 9 governments on economic development. He was also appointed a Technical Expert of The Commonwealth Secretariat for small island states and has also occupied a senior management position with a London listed global mining company.

JP followed post-graduate studies in economics and political economy at the University of Malta and the London School of Economics. He is also a certified blockchain strategy advisor from Said Business School, Oxford University and holds an International Certificate in Investor Relations from the IR Society in the United Kingdom. JP is a visiting lecturer in economics and public policy at the University of Malta.

You can find JP on the following social media platforms:

A Bit More About ARQ

ARQ Economic & Business Intelligence is a boutique advisory that applies economics, market research and data analytics to consumer behaviour, firms and governments.

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