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The Rebel Technologist

Welcome to the world of the Rebel Technologist.
The disrupters, the change makers.

Where legends lead the future of business and technology.


on the cutting edge!

I loathe the “normal”, the status quo.

It’s right on the edge of chaos and convention (where stagnation dies and transformation thrives) that I find true meaning and contentment.

To determine how far things can be pushed, to create meaningful change and to deliver transformation through technology is my driving force and superpower.

My Entrepreneurial

What is at the forefront of being a successful entrepreneur? FAILURE.
I have built businesses that were at the cutting edge. I have used technology to redefine the way things work. I have been the guide to transformation.

And in many cases, I have seen failure.

Those defining moments are what led up to me discovering and launching an incredibly successful career as co-founder of a global and leading AI-enablement company. It’s what led me to become a Rebel Technologist.


Google perfected the Rebel approach in its heyday and used technology to disrupt industries like never before. It set new standards for modern technology that redefined how to build and deploy in real-time.

Together, my teams and I were part of accelerating global markets and building leading services in the realm of digital innovation - way before anybody else was.

- It was there that I learnt from the masters!
Some of my proudest moments:

- Leading Google Mobile Ads across South Africa.
- Leading Google Cloud in Sub-Saharan Africa and Africa at large.
- Launching Google Maps Live Traffic SA and Android Play Store SA (as fun side-projects).
- Spearheading Youtube’s early days in South Africa, launching the revenue business and accelerating local content creation.
My biggest lesson learnt?

What: Pushing an industry to digitally transform at scale and helping them find new digital customers by bringing tech and innovation to the consumer.

How: Sharing Google’s culture with the local business community and encouraging a culture of constant change and innovation, as well as having the insight and approach to know what it takes to enact data-driven change.
Learning x Success = Opportunity.

Barclays Africa had me on their radar during my time at Google. They approached me to rebuild their digital stack and implement a new, modern way of working.

The question was this: How do I translate my experience in Google to a 40,000 person Pan-African bank?
We hustled. We worked hard. We innovated. And the results have been both massive and life-changing! For the individuals, the teams and the organisation as a whole.

What we did: Launched the right data driven digital technology to market. This included an award-winning, first-of-its-kind transactional banking NLP Chatbot, named by Financial Times London as the banking technology of the year).
How we got it right: By using an agile approach and implementing DevOps, we were able to develop code and design fabulous digital tech.

The reason and purpose: To cultivate a new culture, one centred on the customer and that always places “people first”. Through a fail-fast, transparent, and safe space with a staff-first approach, I got my first taste of a redefined culture – one where the utopia for Rebel Technologists can live and thrive.



My combined experience, along with the lessons that I’ve learned, have been a real game-changer.

Naturally, the next step was to implement.

This is when I co-founded Teraflow.ai.

Passion, meaning and purpose:
As uniquely qualified, cutting-edge Rebel Technologists, we help enterprises digitally transform and push against outdated and archaic approaches.
My mission:
To help aspiring Rebel Technologists realise their own capabilities, and to action and implement solutions that have been tried and talked about for years.

Through technology and people, we disrupt, mobilise and revolutionise global enterprises by implementing new-world solutions and capabilities. At scale.

Welcome to the

TeraVerse - the Revolution of Rebuilding:

Beyond trailblazing our clients’ transformation, my passion lives in building communities.

It gives me energy and hope for a better, sustainable future.

If you have a deep-seated desire for change, then join our community of
Rebels, Digital Thought Leaders and Technical Pioneers as we explore the concepts of change, transformation, modernising and rebuilding.

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