Building Exponential Organisations – with Emilie Sydney-Smith, Exo Work CEO

Is Regulation A Barrier to innovation

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She works with many of the Fortune 500 corporations to build new business lines that could swiftly become more profitable than their core business.

These ideas were first written about by Salim Ismail in his book, Exponential Organisation. Emilie is the force that turns these ideas into a reality and makes it happen.

If you want to know anything about creating an exponential business – Emilie is the person you want to chat to.

In this podcast, Emilie shares her insights and gives us a break down of Ex Works 10 Week Exo Sprint. Enjoy

You can connect Emilie on Linkedin and Twitter.

The Tale of Two Businesses!

ExO Works provides organizations with the coaching, framework, and support they need to compete and succeed alongside the world’s fastest growing companies while developing a portfolio of initiatives capable of moving the needle for even the largest of organizations.

Through the ExO Sprint, ExO Inspire Workshop, and ExO Collective Intelligence Swarm, we enhance your organization’s ability to disarm the “corporate immune system,” make the mindset shift from scarcity to abundance and develop internal innovation capabilities.

You can find out more information on the Exo Works website.

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