Building Systems of Trust

Is Regulation A Barrier to innovation

Healthy relationships build healthy businesses. And healthy relationships are built on trust. This is between staff, customer and your business. And it?s simple. When trust gets broken, so does your business.

To thrive in today?s digital age you have to see your business as a system of trust. It needs to connect everyone through this trust. (Notice that I never said inside and out of the organisation).

Today, most of us are business mechanics. We look at our business as a machine and break into little parts. When one part of the machine stops working, we fix it or upgrade it. We hope that it will make the system work better. And it does. Just a little bit. But it does not fix the whole of the systems. You know this from experience.

We need to see our business as systems. We need to become business architects, where we see the whole systems. Of course, it?s hard to see the whole system. We need to be aware of the ebbs and flows, the rhythm, the patterns of behaviour and we need to work at changes these.

This requires a completely different way of thinking. Just knowing this is the start.

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