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When people find value in themselves, something magical happens. They put value in their work and their clients, and get even greater value returned to them. This is the core principle of Teraflow, to put staff above everything else. That includes our contractors!

A business built on the bedrock of People and Value changes everything.

Here’s what that means in practise:

We are a truly agile organisation 

We call this our FloJo, which is our Mojo! Our Culture killed bureaucracy by building a progressive business model that allows our teams to deliver our clients solutions where others can’t.¬†

Decentralised Teams

The best way to kill bureaucracy is to let teams manage themselves. For example: If you need to take leave, ask your squad. If it makes sense for the team and the project you are working on, it’s a done deal.

Personal Accountability

Before you lead others, you must lead yourself. That’s why our business model is built on personal accountability. This merit-based policy eliminates corporate politics and pointless bureaucracy.

Submit your CV and Lets Make Great Things Happen!

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