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Welcome to Teraflow, where our distinctive approach to work and exceptional delivery capabilities have carved out our place as a trailblazer in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

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At Teraflow, we recognize that the secret to excellence isn’t necessarily a string of degrees or a long tenure of experience. Instead, we value the perfect synergy of cultural fit and technical prowess.


Our unique 'FloJo' embodies a culture that bypasses bureaucracy, enabling us to deliver unparalleled solutions where others cannot.


We curb bureaucracy by empowering teams to self-manage, even when it comes to leave decisions, contingent upon team consensus and project needs.

Career growth

With our 'Design My Career' framework, we empower you to shape your future and growth, transcending the traditional corporate ladder.

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Teraflow proudly holds a superb 4.9 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor, reflecting our commitment to a positive and engaging work environment. Our CEO’s leadership excellence is confirmed by a 100% approval rating, and the endorsement of Teraflow as a workplace extends to all our team members, with a unanimous 100% recommendation to work with us.

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Legacy of Teraflow’s A-Players

As our esteemed staff members venture towards new horizons, they not only depart enriched, but also secure an enduring legacy as part of our illustrious alumni of A-Players, each going on to achieve remarkable feats.

Alan Brickett

Headhunted for an opportunity at FNB as a Chief Data Analytics Officer

Brendon de Meyer

Received an opportunity to be CIO at CTU
Carmen Oliver

Carmen Oliver

Moved to Chicago and taken up a Senior Analyst role

Frequently asked questions is a young Start Up, our founders got the ball rolling in 2019 and we’ve already grown to over 50 team members. We are a PeopleFirst and RemoteFirst company.

We have legal entities in both SA and the UK and WeWork co-working offices in London, Joburg and Cape Town. Our teams choose when they would like to come into the offices to meet with fellow team members for workshops and collaborating. For example, we get together with the team members in our areas every few months for some social fun. The majority of our team is comprised of Engineers and most of the Teraflow team currently lives in Gauteng.

RemoteFirst at Teraflow means you get to work from home as often or as little as you like. If you join as Squad member, you might be required work on premises at one of our customers from time to time.
Squads are cross functional teams. The make-up of the squad depends upon our customers’ requirements and the nature of the project.

It’s very important to us that we understand and support our people to the max. As such, our onboarding process begins with an Enneagram personality profiling assessment. This is how we get to know our team members and their core motivations a little better. The Ennegram is pretty incredible for the individuals who do the assessment in terms of self-awareness and understanding. There are 9 personality types and it’s proven extremely helpful for our teams and individual team members to better understand themselves and each other.

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) at Teraflow is that we will double our team members’ market value within 2 years. Essentially, we encourage our staff to use Teraflow as a platform to leverage themselves. It’s our job to provide an environment in which you can thrive and do your best work and take your career in the direction of your choosing. It’s a symbiotic relationship between you and the company whereby you design your career and work with us, do an incredible job at work and grow along your chosen career path at the same time.

We have a truly flat hierarchy whereby management is decentralised. Of course our teams have leaders who are accountable for the team or project’s success, but our teams (or squads as we call them) are self-organising and autonomous. In order for this extremely progressive and evolved way of working to be successful, we have to hire A Players.

A players are individuals with a balanced IQ and EQ. They are rare and brilliant individuals who are intelligent, ambitious AND empathic towards others. They are technically brilliant but also, outstanding team players who are awesome to work with.

These are the A Players who have joined and left in order to go on to even greater things. You know how leaving a job can feel like a nasty breakup with a bit of guilt and fear thrown in? At we celebrate our team members on their paths to greatness. We have a series of Alumni Interviews which we have done with a few of the folks who have left Teraflow, so if you’d like to find out more you can check those out here.

We are a professional services company much like a consultancy. Essentially our Squads (which are cross functional teams comprised of about 2-10 team members) go into enterprise level companies and make their Data work for them. These are large businesses in the Finance/ Healthcare/ Aviation industries for example who have masses of data sitting in their on prem servers. Our teams (squads) extract the data from our customer’s legacy systems, build the pipelines, lakes and warehouses and essentially make the data workable in the Cloud. Once the data is clean and workable, we’re able to go on to do the fun AI and ML stuff.
We are Cloud Agnostic so our engineers are encouraged and supported in gaining further certification in AWS and GCP. pays for the certifications and you are able to complete your certs on company time as well.
In general we use SQL, Python and Cloud Technologies for our Data Engineering projects.

Our interview process is a little different and rather in-depth. It has to be because we are identifying A Players. Working out who will truly thrive at is about you every bit as much as it is about us. I think it’s great to know that our team has been selected with this much thought and care. If you are the sort or person who doesn’t play well with others, you’ll hate it here. Don’t apply ;)

We begin with a 30 minute initial interview. This entails a chat with our Recruitment Lead where you get to tell us about the awesome things you’ve done. It’s also your chance to ask any questions that you have. From there you will progress to a technical testing round. By the way, you can supercharge your application process by diving in and submitting your results right now! This test is super relevant to the position that interests you. It was developed inhouse so it really simulates the work environment. By doing the test you’ll be challenged with the sort of work you’d be doing at Teraflow everyday.

Once we have your results we will review them and if we feel that there’s some strong alignment, you’ll be invited to a Technical Interview with a few members of our tech team. This is their chance to get a better understanding of your skill set and your chance to ask them all of your technical questions as well. If all goes well for you and for the team we will invite you to our final interview which we call a Culture Interview.

The Culture interview is a real differentiator for and it’s here that we (as in, you and the Recruitment Lead) get to dig into who you are and what you’ve done as well as, what you’d most like to do next. Once again, it’s about alignment. We can’t know if you are going to be happy and do your best work at if we don’t know what motivates you and what you really want to be doing next. We weight soft skills as highly as technical skills and as such, you’ll be asked questions around the soft skills that we value at

And finally, you’ll be asked to set up your reference checks yourself. Once these checks have been completed…we’re done. If you are curious, you can find out more about what our existing team members have to say about this process in the link below.


  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Mentoring mindset
  • Accountablity
  • Growth mindset
Click on the link below to head on over to our job page. You’ll be prompted to upload your CV and to tell us about the coolest thing you’ve ever done or built in your career. Or…jump ahead, skip the queue, wow us with your skills and supercharge your tech test right away!
The nature of our business allows for us to hire permanent team members and contractors on an ongoing basis. As such, we are happy to have potential new team members “waiting in the wings” to join us as soon as a suitable position becomes available. This means that you can go ahead and apply to become a part of our team any time. We will then have your info carefully saved and we will be ready to reach out anytime!

Here’s a list of the sorts of A Player Engineers we hire consistently at all levels (Interns to Architects, Permanent or Contractors):

  • Data Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Cloud Ops Engineers
  • ML Ops Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Scrum Masters

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Our approach to management eliminates corporate hassle and gives our employees control over themselves and their decisions. 

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