How Swarm Business Models are Disrupting Traditional Structures

A new type of business model has emerged. One that challenges the traditional, bureaucratic structures that have dominated the business world for decades.  With a strong focus on collaboration and community, the swarm business model is a unique approach to entrepreneurship that leverages the power of teamwork and cooperation to achieve business objectives.  Being a … Read more

Building Your AI-First Infrastructure: like Building a Sports Car

Technology is on an upward trajectory. It’s evolving at a breakneck pace and now, with the democratisation of AI, businesses need to stay ahead of the game more than ever.  This means adopting an AI-first mindset. Building an infrastructure that prioritises AI development and delivers value to customers faster than the competition.  So why is … Read more

3 Tips On Leadership From A Seasoned Tech Project Manager

As unsung leaders of our world, project managers know a thing or two about tasteful leadership.  Ensuring that projects run smoothly, no matter how chaotic they may be. Forming an ideal climate for the successful completion of (often complex) tasks. And even acting as a source of understanding, flexibility and collaboration.  Project managers pay close … Read more

How We BOT Your Enterprise: Transfer

Making meaningful change doesn’t come without its challenges. This is even more true in the tech space, where legacy infrastructures and antiquated ways of working act as the ultimate barrier to entry in our increasingly digital world. As an AI-enablement firm, we’ve seen these obstacles time and again across a range of industries. Banking. Aviation. … Read more

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