3 UX Design Benefits for Business

If you’re strategically using UX design in your business, then you’re certainly on the right path. Consider the technological landscape that we live in today. We have limitless access to entertainment, education, employment, and much more. All at the touch of a finger. And while many companies offer modified forms of existing products or services, … Read more

What’s the Difference Between CX and UX?

The UX space is vast and layered. A diverse field in and of itself. So it goes without saying that there would exist plenty of confusing terminology to throw you off balance. However, most of this confusion stems from two very similar, but different terms: Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX).  And this begs … Read more

What Is a Chatbot (and How Does It Work)?

Chatbots are everywhere. They’re capable of seamless communication and fluid interactions. Capable of answering the annoying, repetitive questions businesses face on a daily basis.  They’re even capable of generating new leads and even go so far as to increase profits when used right. But What Exactly Is a Chatbot? Short for ‘chat robot’, chatbots are … Read more

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