Why Is On-Prem Still Killing It?!

On-premise IT environments are still killing it. Don’t believe us? Check the findings of this report: So then, where does the cloud stand against this slow lamenting of legacy tech? It’s Not Doing Too Bad Actually! While these stats are certainly alarming, given the long list of disadvantages that come with anything on-prem, there is … Read more

3 Tricks For Data Scientists To Help Manage Cloud Costs

Cloud makes industry-leading technology available to everyone at a comparable cost. And it actively gets cheaper the longer you plan to use it. These commits give the bigger consumers more leverage over smaller players, but byte-for-byte it’s fair game. On top of that, everyone now has the ability to make global, world-class deliveries. Simply put, … Read more

THIS Is How To Get Up To 60% Less On Your Server Costs!

To reduce your server costs by up to 60%, you’re going to need to look up. Towards the cloud. Making AI work across the banking, airline and healthcare industries (to name a few), has us professing the importance of looking to the cloud (and away from on-prem) for everything. From your infrastructure to your software. … Read more

VMs In The Cloud – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Pt. 2)

VMs present challenges under the best circumstances. And within the best environments.  While provisioning, licensing and general management come to mind, they certainly aren’t new problems. Rather, it’s the VM sprawl, hyperscale lock-in and hypervisor inaccessibility that are like gremlins itching to make an appearance. If you’ve been keeping up, then you’re aware of all … Read more

VMs In the cloud – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Pt.1)

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) has changed the game.  Over a decade ago, Katy Perry was setting off fireworks, Adele was rolling in the deep and the Party Rockers were in the house that night… But what early adopters were also doing was moving their virtual servers to the cloud.  Because it had (and still continues to have) … Read more

13.5% Increase In Cloud Spend As More Join The Big Cloud Migration

Cloud spending is on the rise again. £16.21 billion was spent in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2021, indicating that companies around the world are investing more in cloud storage and compute power.  According to IDC, in Q4 of 2021 businesses spent £16.21 billion for cloud infrastructure services – up 13% compared to last year’s … Read more

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