Teracode: Flow vs. Machine

I’m going to give you a glimpse of understanding into the broader picture behind our flywheel. And the first thing I really want to talk about is this idea of flow. Because it becomes important in terms of the way that we’re running the business. think of the business as a system rather than a … Read more

Disrupting HR

We’re disrupting HR. And, if you look at the world of disruption, there’s so many different areas.   What isn’t really understood in terms of disruption is the business model, as well as HR.   Here’s some thinking. And this is really for everyone who wants to come join Teraflow. Typically, HR is managed through rules, … Read more

Culture As A Tool

Why is culture the most powerful thing that a CEO can use as a tool?   It’s quite simple.  When you look in the mirror, you see a physical reflection of who you  are. Yet, you can’t see  your thoughts and emotions. You can only see your physical environment. It’s a microcosm of what culture … Read more

Founding Operational Principles: Staff-First

We understand that success comes from our people, placing the interests of our staff as our core value driver.  When we sat down,  we understood the success of our business was going to come through our people.  We do complicated work.   We solve complicated Data/ML Engineering problems.  We’re also competing with top-end tech companies … Read more

The 3 Codes Behind the TeraCode

Exponential culture. I love this concept. I love the idea and what it can potentially do to transform organisations.  When we talk about exponential, we automatically default to technology and certainly the more exponential types of technology you have in an organisation like AI or quantum computing. However, there are other elements that are just … Read more

It’s All About Mojo w/ Our FlowJo

I want to talk about FlowJo.  FlowJo is our mojo. It’s our way of working. Being such an important part of our framework, it’s something that we spend an enormous amount of time on developing.  And here’s why.  The environment that you live and work and operate in defines your behavior.  It defines, in many … Read more

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