THIS is Why Your AI Projects Probably Keep Failing

So many AI projects fail to deliver on their promise. Whether it’s the data, the algorithms, or the wrong teams – most AI projects unfortunately fail to meet expectations or offer even a glimpse of the vision you sought.  But what’s at the core of this AI roadblock? A survey by Datanami reveals that 33%-38% … Read more

Want AI-Driven Success? Look To Your Data

Your data probably isn’t pulling its weight. It’s a bold statement. But also a wake-up call to challenge the way that you manage your most precious resource. A survey by Precisely reveals that 70% of respondents cite data quality as the biggest issue for their businesses. On top of that, a report by ZipDo states … Read more

4 Data Engineering Trends in 2024

Whether your business is on track to embracing AI or you’re immersing more and more into the tools and technology, understanding the importance of data engineering is foundational. The landscape is constantly evolving. Which brings with it new scale and methodologies that keep reshaping how we approach and handle the influx of data.  Looking at … Read more

Transcending the AI Hype: A Roadmap for Delivering Real Business Results

In the high-speed train of technological innovations, AI holds a first-class ticket. The AI hype is certainly real. And its impact echoes across diverse sectors, from the global tech landscape to the business world at large.  Recognised AI applications such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL·E have indeed sparked interest in their vast potential. According to … Read more

How Data Engineering Differs from Other Data-related Roles

Get your data engineers ready! Every day is an opportunity to make sense of complex data sets and drive meaningful insights. While many data-related roles have a few things in common, it’s essential that we’re able to distinguish that data engineering stands out as the superstar of the bunch. Designing and implementing robust data pipelines, … Read more

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