4 Bits of Advice For Aspiring Software Engineers

Software engineering can be a daunting field. It’s filled with many moving parts, new technologies and interesting challenges.  But it can also be exciting, rewarding and a means of cultivating immense personal growth. Our Software Engineer, Coezette Sibanda knows all about it. Going from a graduate in Mechanical Engineering to orchestrating the development and design … Read more

How 62% of Organisations Use Voice Tech To Increase Revenues

Voice technology has become a potential goldmine for organisations of all sizes. Whether it’s increasing revenues, productivity or coming up with exciting innovations, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is taking businesses by storm. A recent report by Deepgram and Opus Research reveals that 62% of companies are using voice technology to improve revenues, while 77% are … Read more

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Aug 18, 2022 03:00 PM BST / 04:00 PM SAST