The Future of Content Creation Starts With Generative AI!

If you’ve been anywhere near the marketing landscape lately, you would’ve heard the buzzword that’s been causing a major stir – Generative AI.  Buckle up, creative agencies. It’s high time you hopped on this incredible tech train, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love efficiency and speed?  Especially when it’s about content creation (which we … Read more

The Most Powerful Force Since the Internet

Generative AI is undoubtedly at the forefront of the most transformative technology forces to have emerged in recent years.  As a key component of the digital revolution, enterprise companies are eagerly seeking to understand and harness the power of this rapidly developing AI domain.  And with the global AI market size set to grow from … Read more

3 Real World Use Cases of Generative AI in Creative Marketing

In the dance between technology and human innovation, the impact that we’re seeing with generative AI in creative marketing is nothing short of mind-blowing. This innovation has gracefully twirled from abstract concept to a leading role within societies across the world. And we can agree that it’s certainly turning heads in marketing and advertising sectors … Read more

Sparking the Education Revolution: Unleashing the Power of AI for Dynamic, Personalised Learning

The traditional one-size-fits-all model of education is increasingly proving inadequate in preparing students for the diverse and rapidly changing demands of the modern world. High costs and low returns from tertiary education further exacerbate the issue. This article calls for an education revolution by integrating AI and generative AI technologies into the system. By addressing … Read more

Driving Change at Teraflow: Why It’s Not Just the CEO’s Responsibility

Change is inevitable. Especially in our rapidly evolving world of AI and technology.  And many expect the CEO to be the master navigator of this change.  While that’s partially true, here’s a twist you may not expect: I don’t govern change at alone. And that’s not a flaw. Here’s why: Change is a Shared … Read more

In-house vs. Off-the-shelf AI Models: The Era of Generative AI

The exciting acquisition of MosaicML by Databricks, as detailed in the recently published article, underscores a fundamental shift in the AI landscape. Businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of not just having data, but having well-structured, AI-ready data that can be seamlessly integrated into large language models (LLMs).   Generative AI is transforming industries, powering innovations, … Read more

AI: The Unsung Hero Transforming Advertising

As advertisers, one strives for that perfect (yet, elusive) campaign. Attracting the right consumers, building long-term trust, achieving high retention rates, and reaping referrals define excellence in any advertising endeavor. But what if we were able to generate perfect campaigns that produced those same results every time?  In the era of AI, it might soon … Read more

Breaking The Barriers To AI Adoption: The Talent Crisis

Indeed, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is garnering huge amounts of attention. Robotics, generative AI, automation and the ever-growing list of opportunities are keeping us at the edge of our seats.  But there remains a significant barrier to its widespread adoption: the talent crisis.  We can all agree that AI is revolutionising industries across the planet, promising a … Read more

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