Amplifying Group IQ with Conversational Swarms

In recent years, the field of artificial intelligence has made significant strides, particularly in enhancing human collaboration and decision-making.  A groundbreaking advancement in this domain is the development of Conversational Swarm Intelligence (CSI), a technology that leverages the principles of Swarm Intelligence (SI) and the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) to boost the collective … Read more

Can Generative AI Build a Global Hive Mind?

The concept of a global “hive mind” may seem like something out of a science fiction novel, but advances in generative AI technologies are bringing us closer to making this idea a reality. Louis Rosenberg, CEO and chief scientist of Unanimous AI, explores this fascinating possibility in his article, “Can Generative AI Help Build a … Read more

Making Informed Strategic Decisions in a Pre-AGI World

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, businesses and tech enthusiasts are eager to unlock the full potential of this transformative technology.  However, the reality of achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)—an AI that can understand, learn, and apply knowledge across a wide range of tasks as well as or better than humans—is still a distant … Read more

The Impact of a Collaborative and Healthy Work Environment

Is your work environment fostering collaboration and promoting well-being, or is it a source of stress and inefficiency? An unhealthy work environment can lead to low morale, decreased productivity, and high employee turnover. When collaboration is stifled, and stress levels are high, it affects the overall success of the organisation and the well-being of its … Read more

The Future of Banking: AI to Automate Over Half of Banking Jobs, Says Citi Report

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to revolutionise the banking industry, potentially automating more than half of the jobs within the sector. A recent report by Citi highlights the profound impact AI will have on banking operations, customer service, and employment. This technological advancement promises increased efficiency and enhanced customer experiences but also raises significant concerns … Read more

Eliminate Workplace Politics and Power Plays With Decentralisation

In the modern business world, workplace politics and power plays are often significant barriers to productivity and employee satisfaction.  Traditional hierarchical structures, with their rigid chains of command, can inadvertently foster environments where these negative dynamics thrive. However, there is a powerful solution to this problem: decentralisation.  By adopting a decentralised approach, businesses can create … Read more

Rebel Technologist Recap: Steve Nouri on AI Adoption

Artificial intelligence is evolving faster than ever. With the invention of applications like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, AI offers unmatched potential. Yet, many companies struggle to fully understand and effectively utilise AI, leading to missed opportunities and wasted resources. The journey towards effective AI adoption is fraught with challenges, but the rewards are immense for those who … Read more

Creating a Mentorship Culture for Rapid Skill Development

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business, rapid skill development is crucial for both individual and organisational success. At Teraflow, we’ve found that fostering a mentorship culture is key to accelerating growth and unlocking potential. Here’s how we’ve built this culture and why it’s so effective. The Power of Mentorship Over Traditional Management Traditional … Read more

Three Major AI Advancements This Week

AI continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Every week is packed with a range of new advancements and this week has been no different. With several groundbreaking advancements that promise to reshape various industries, we’re looking at new advances in education, sports and robotics. 1. AI Learns to Interpret Sketches Researchers have developed … Read more

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