Building the Foundations for an AI-Driven Future in South Africa

AI’s rapid ascent brings with it a sense of thrill and threat. As countries and corporations harness AI’s potential at a global level, many businesses, especially in South Africa, are lagging.  This unpreparedness threatens to leave them in the dust, struggling to compete against AI-empowered multinationals. To avoid being left behind, it’s crucial to lay … Read more

How to Strengthen IT and Business Collaboration

Are your IT and business teams still operating in silos in 2024? As AI starts to boom and the competition becomes more fierce, it’s essential to look at how to strengthen the relationship between IT and business. When IT and business units work in isolation, it leads to misaligned goals, inefficient processes, and missed opportunities. This … Read more

Lead Digital Business Transformation in 2024

Foundry’s 2024 State of the CIO Study recently revealed the top priorities for IT leaders with digital transformation initiatives (28%) coming in at first. Among the other top priorities are to upgrade IT and Data security to reduce corporate risk (27%), strengthen IT and business collaboration (27%), research and implement AI-enabled products (23%), and improve … Read more

The Rise of Meme LLMs: GPT2-Chatbot and its Variants

Contagious, viral, amusing, adaptable – these are a few of the words you can use to describe memes. With the tech space going crazy over the esoteric nature of the gpt2-chatbot, it’s starting to look like LLMs are also becoming a sort of meme. It happened pretty quickly to crypto, with a never-ending list of … Read more

Building a Strong Customer Data Foundation

The rise of generative AI has created a shift in consumer expectations. Now, there’s a massive demand for brands to offer personalised, engaging experiences.  “76% of businesses said delivering personalised customer engagements is a ‘high’ or ‘critical’ priority for them this year,” reports Thomas Wyatt in VentureBeat.  While the potential of AI is promising, too … Read more

3 Essentials to Prepare Your Digital Environment for AI

Still clinging to outdated legacy systems? Still can’t decide whether your business needs AI or not? Stuck with that “If it’s not broken” mentality?  This reluctance might become your biggest hindrance to success in the ever-expanding tech-dominant landscape. AI is leading the race. It’s clear. Holding onto your outdated systems (and processes) doesn’t just keep … Read more

An SME Recipe for Successfully Adopting AI

In a world driven by technological advancements, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance their competitive edge and streamline operations.  While AI offers transformative potential, its adoption comes with challenges, including significant initial investments, data quality concerns, and the need for technical know-how.  This article delves into the … Read more

AI News That You Probably Missed 

The tech landscape looks more and more like a strategic game of RISK. We’re seeing inevitable price dips, cost-effective models and a marathon to see who can achieve global domination the quickest. Let’s take a look at some of the big moves and AI news in this ever-expanding world. Nvidia Expands AI Management with Run:ai … Read more

Generative AI’s Impact on Data Use 

The traditional roles within your data teams might soon become obsolete.  We all know that AI, just like a punch from a UFC heavyweight, is coming in strong. Especially with the convergence of data science and AI. Which is reshaping how we handle and interpret data as a whole. But with the roles becoming increasingly … Read more

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