Robots in Business: The Curious Case of Falling and Rising Profits

In the age of rapidly evolving technology, businesses are constantly seeking tools and methodologies to gain a competitive edge. One such tool, the robot, has been lauded for its efficiency and transformative potential across various industries. However, recent research reveals an intriguing pattern: robots may not immediately result in profit hikes for businesses. A study … Read more

Protecting Authenticity in the Age of AI Image Manipulation

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, the double-edged sword of innovation reveals itself.  While AI’s prowess in creating hyper-realistic images is awe-inspiring, its potential misuse, particularly by novices, should not go by without concern. However, a revolutionary tool christened “PhotoGuard” by MIT’s CSAIL researchers offers a glimmer of hope. Especially in maintaining authenticity … Read more

Harnessing the AI Revolution

As the biggest catalyst revolutionising industries and giving us solutions that we once considered inconceivable, AI is making waves for the better. Rather than the worse. It’s not just about doing old things better, but about doing entirely new things. And we can all agree that the excitement and optimism surrounding AI are more than tangible, … Read more

The Future of Content Creation Starts With Generative AI!

If you’ve been anywhere near the marketing landscape lately, you would’ve heard the buzzword that’s been causing a major stir – Generative AI.  Buckle up, creative agencies. It’s high time you hopped on this incredible tech train, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love efficiency and speed?  Especially when it’s about content creation (which we … Read more

The Road to AI Success Is Paved with Challenges and Opportunities

With massive transformative potential for both enterprises and SMBs, generative AI is a force unlike any other. But are Fortune 1000 companies ready to harness this potential? And what’s preventing them from achieving AI success? A recent eye-opening study by ClearML and the AI Infrastructure Alliance (AIIA) and brought to us by VentureBeat, takes us behind … Read more

3 Real World Use Cases of Generative AI in Creative Marketing

In the dance between technology and human innovation, the impact that we’re seeing with generative AI in creative marketing is nothing short of mind-blowing. This innovation has gracefully twirled from abstract concept to a leading role within societies across the world. And we can agree that it’s certainly turning heads in marketing and advertising sectors … Read more

Transcending the AI Hype: A Roadmap for Delivering Real Business Results

In the high-speed train of technological innovations, AI holds a first-class ticket. The AI hype is certainly real. And its impact echoes across diverse sectors, from the global tech landscape to the business world at large.  Recognised AI applications such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL·E have indeed sparked interest in their vast potential. According to … Read more

Discovering The Impact of Generative AI

We’re living in an age where technological evolution is as certain as the sunrise.  And now, we’re being ushered (and quickly) into a revolution driven by AI. Plus, it’s happening so fast that as we familiarise ourselves with one tool or leap in tech, another pops up from the ether. One of the most exciting, … Read more

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