Disrupting HR

We’re disrupting HR. And, if you look at the world of disruption, there’s so many different areas.  

What isn’t really understood in terms of disruption is the business model, as well as HR.  

Here’s some thinking. And this is really for everyone who wants to come join Teraflow.

Typically, HR is managed through rules, processes, procedures, compliances, et cetera.  It’s also managed on a performance basis, on an annualised basis. 

I think this is wrong.   

You should develop yourself in relation to your performance

… Not a time period.

And what I mean by this is, in a traditional company, you’re going to go through a performance review at the end of every year.  

Now you’ve got person A, who smashed it out the park and has achieved what person B has achieved well in advance.  

Person A gets to that point in nine months, and person B gets to  the same point in 15 months. But we are now assessing everyone at 12 months.

We need to look at how we incentivize performance for performance sake, not for time sake.  

As such, we’ve designed and built out this framework called Design My Career that allows you to develop your career in a way that makes sense. The ultimate goal and ambition of this program is that it’s a self-directed performance management framework.   

It’s not me or Anne, our HR person, that’s needed to manage you through a performance framework.  

You’re driving yourself forward through your own performance framework.

You sit down and you design your career on a daily basis.   

You test and do stuff. 

And you look at what works for you, and what doesn’t work for you. 

Because here’s the simple truth. Let’s say you join Teraflow, what’s going to happen in three years time, is that you’re going to leave and that’s a good thing. 

We want to see people thrive. 

But what does that mean? Where do you go and how do you get to your next step? Because I can promise  you one thing right now, it’s very unlikely you’ve got a very clear five year picture in your mind of where you are heading. 

If you do, Kudos to you because most people don’t. 

I’ve done the tests. I’ve spoken to every single one of our staff members and I’ve asked them what their plans are. Most of them come to me saying, “Michael, help me try and understand where to go.” 

Design My Career is a process.

It’s an agile personal development program that takes you through this framework and   it helps you identify the next stages of your life.

It’s quite disruptive in its thought process  and a lot of it is built around a very progressive business model that is non-hierarchical in the sense of typical hierarchies.  

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