Excitement Brewing as The 2021 AI Summit Approaches

Artificial Intelligence has never been more exciting! 

Life is changing before our eyes as AI hurriedly ushers us into a powerful and seductive new era. An age of unprecedented innovation and scale.

One where humans work together with technology to solve some of our biggest challenges. And where technology improves every facet of life and business.

So to celebrate, acknowledge and disseminate contemporary technologies (IoT, Cloud, AI, Machine Learning and more), AI Business launched the AI Summit back in 2015.

Since then, it has become lauded as “The World’s Largest AI Event Series for Business”. A conference and exhibition that explores the practical implications of AI in business.

Why does it matter to us? 

Well, we are extremely proud to announce that Teraflow.ai is an official partner and sponsor of The AI Summit London 2021!

It presents the opportunity to connect with the globe’s greatest business leaders, AI experts, leading innovators and so much more. 

Better yet, it provides a platform to showcase our skills, services and quirky culture for the world to see. And brings us another step closer to sharing AI with the world.

Because the event is such a big deal, we went all out! 

We’ve got a keynote, a stand, an entire virtual room and we even created a chatbot to top it all off.

The Debut of FatBot (aka Terabot)

Being that Brett St Clair, our beloved CEO, was nominated to grace the stage and delve into UX, AI and chatbots, we decided it was only fitting to design a bot based on him.

The goal was to create a sort of caricature in the form of a chatbot. One that had the look, feel and charm of Brett. 

Believe us. It isn’t easy.

But we succeeded! And so FatBot was born. 

(Disclaimer: Brett has a fine appreciation for food. Our bot has a fine appreciation for data. These choices lead to being “well filled out”. That being said, our bot took on the name FatBot)

The bot was received well and is accessible via Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. 

As a matter of fact, it was so well-received that Terabot has even become our official mascot!

He’s everywhere! And we love it.

One Bot to Rule Them All: Using AI to Enhance UX

Did we mention that Brett will be doing a keynote at the Summit? 

He will be taking the stage by storm to explain why and how AI, UX and chatbots are the future.

The title? One Bot to Rule Them All: Using AI to Enhance UX (ft. Fatbot).

Chatbots, UX design and AI are fast becoming huge competitive differentiators in virtually every business space. 

And what better way is there to showcase our vast knowledge on the matter?

Having delivered too many keynotes to count, Brett is ready to crush it and leave audiences mind-blown. 

(Keep your eyes peeled for an article on his keynote in the near future) 

Enter Our Virtual Room…

The masterminds behind the summit have created an amazing virtual experience for attendees and exhibitors to make use of.

It’s a simple-to-use interface to communicate with and explore various AI services, organisations and professionals across a wide range of industries. 

It has a very quaint design and presents plenty of opportunity to network with potential clients and market our brand, along with all that we have to offer.

Naturally, our creative team went bonkers.

There is plenty of potential to shine on the platform, so we made it look inviting, interesting and engaging. 

Do yourself a favour and take a look at how it turned out:

Teraflow.ai Taking the World by Storm

With massive events like the AI Summit acting as a catalyst to the spread of AI, ML, UX, IoT and the like, humanity is given access to promising new horizons.

And as big of a deal this event is, we’re only getting started.

Prepare to hear about (and see) us in the news, on social media and many more world-class events to come.

(In fact, we just made it on the news for our great work creating a high-functioning flight app for Kulula)

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