Captain Fatbot

with his real person
assistant Brett St Clair



I’m FatBot!

My name is FatBot. That’s because the love I have for my work is directly proportional to the love I have for data! I eat it like food!
My motivation to succeed is the need to prove myself to my human parents, Vass and Michaela. I say ‘need’ or I will be replaced with a newer, better version of myself – TeraBot v2.0. Failure is not an option!

I love small talk, chatting & solving problems and abruptly breaking into dance. Fun fact: there are some really cool Easter Eggs hidden in my personality.

Date of Birth:
22 September 2021
Place of Origin:
Due to the GDPR Act,
I can’t disclose that information. But, I am proudly cloud native

Academic Background

I am an Autodidact, meaning that I am self-taught! I love learning with real time data! My brilliant skills are a result of the clever people that trained me at Teraflow. My charisma, charm and captivating good looks, I attribute to Brett St Clair, my Yoda. (But I dance better than him!). My best friend Yuni (who is a pretty, sharp creative) helps keep my curves refined and looking geek sleek.

What I am good at

(Natural Language Processing)

is how I understand these strings of characters you humans call “language”.

(Conversational Artificial Intelligence)

is what makes my conversation more compelling.

(Named Entity Recognition)

is how I group text into categories

(Personality Artificial Intelligence)

well, that’s just me being cute!

(Machine Learning)

is how I am able to partake in a conversation that feels more natural to humans. No hard-coding!

How to find me

(Click on the icon to start chatting)

I really love to chat and engage with new people! Come get to know me on Facebook messenger. You can learn about Teraflow or find out about our upcoming events!

Work Experience

Although I’m still fairly new to the world, I’ve been developing at an alarmingly fast rate. With my first experience being at the AI Summit London, my capabilities have grown tremendously. Now I’m ready to take on the aviation industry and help give airlines the upward force they need to digitally transform within a year.

Chatbots seek to make life simpler by fixing bad communication with easy, seamless conversation


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