Founding Operational Principles: Introduction

We’ve seen exponential growth by doing things differently.

My name is Michael Cowen and I’m the CEO at 

Having an incredibly successful start to the business, I’d like to talk about our unique approach to culture by going through the founding operational principles and why we chose to approach our business in such a way.

It’s been an accelerated growth phase, that to keep up with, has been challenging. 

An uptake in employing new talent that fit the mold of A-players and attracting new clients that we believe are good for us has provided a thorough understanding of how our business works. 

But the biggest reason for our success is our approach. 

That we’re doing things differently. 

By sharing the founding operational principles that myself and my co-founders, Brett St Clair and Prinavan Pillay, have worked on, we hope that you walk away with a clear understanding of our culture, our way of working, our business model, our strategy, our structure and more. 

Over the course of the next few weeks, a range of videos and articles will be put out for your viewing pleasure. 

Sit back and enjoy this series!

[For more on our founding operational principles]

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