Founding Operational Principles – SWARM

The idea of Swarm is that it breaks down the traditional, structured hierarchy. 

The first principle that was really important to us was the idea of implementing a Swarm business model. 

And the idea of Swarm is that it breaks down the traditional, structured hierarchy. 

The important principle of hierarchy is that there’s always a hierarchy. There’s always someone who’s funnier, smarter, or more entertaining. However, we do believe the principle and foundational requirement of any business is to solve the problems that you’ve agreed to solve for your customer.

Our goal has been to create a business model that has a network of teams which come together and solve specific problems for our clients.

But how do we do that in the best possible way? 

Rooted in the Swarm business model, we believe that it’s about taking a network of teams and having an autonomous structure where we decentralise the business model.

Especially with a big global shift towards this idea of decentralisation. It makes the way that we work far more effective and organic. 

When you think about a Swarm, think of it this way: You have the overarching purpose and principle of the business that maintains a unified hole. Within that, you’ve got different circles, or networks of teams, that have a specific objective, goal, or problem to solve. 

Within those squads, which obviously is our technical deployment against customer problems as a data and ML engineering business, we have our teams come together to solve the problem, while working in a very decentralised framework.

It is at the team level that our decision-making gets distributed. 

As the CEO, I admittedly don’t know how to solve most of the client’s problems. 

That’s what our teams are there to do.

We want our teams to be able to solve problems at the point of contact and at a local level, rather than in a traditionally bureaucratic and centralised way.

If you have to roll the information upwards to the c-suite for any decision-making, chances are the wrong decision will be made. Purely because the information flows in a poor, disconnected way, which doesn’t allow us to understand what’s truly happening at a customer level.

As a result, it’s allowed us to redefine true innovation, true agility and a very healthy way of work. 

What makes it so effective is the open, transparent communication that is so essential. We shouldn’t be hiding anything within the organisation. 

Obviously, certain information is confidential and particular client information is confidential. But, by and large, there should be no breakdown of communication. 

You should be able to speak to anyone, anywhere in the organisation and there should be free-flowing information that is readily available.

So that is the framework of Swarm.

Although I’ve only touched lightly on it, there’s a lot to be discussed. Especially considering that it is a counter position in comparison to most organisations in the market today.

Keep your eyes peeled for how to become a self-managed individual, next.

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