THIS Is How To Get Up To 60% Less On Your Server Costs!

To reduce your server costs by up to 60%, you’re going to need to look up. Towards the cloud.

Making AI work across the banking, airline and healthcare industries (to name a few), has us professing the importance of looking to the cloud (and away from on-prem) for everything. From your infrastructure to your software.

If you’re looking to cut back on costs and scale your business, this is why you should be looking at these hopeful hyperscalers.

Let’s Start With Some Stats

Technology comes and goes. So how do we know that the cloud will be here to stay? Or that it brings any benefit?

These stats might clear things up a bit.

  • Gartner predicts the public Cloud market to reach over $623.3 billion by the year 2023. This means that more enterprises and SMBs are investing in Cloud technology and understand the positive effect it will have across industries.
  • Forbes cites advantages such as significant cost reductions, improved scalability and faster innovation as a few of the basic benefits of Cloud technology. That’s right, only a few of the basic benefits.
  • Accenture indicates that businesses that take a strategic approach to new technology achieve more than twice the revenue growth of those that don’t. A strategic approach entails using Cloud in a way that tailors it to your company’s specific needs.

Where Did We Get ‘60% Less’ From?

At the start of 2020, ComairLimited, an airline operator overseeing both British Airways and Kulula, went into business rescue due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead of giving up, they sought to revamp their entire tech stack with our help.

And one of the very first big moves was the complete reevaluation of their existing infrastructure.

Leading this initiative, CIO of Comair Avsharn Bachoo, identified outdated infrastructure and fragmented customer journeys as major areas of concern.

“A combination of ageing infrastructure split across multiple locations, hosted by different vendor cloud partners meant that we had a fragmented view of our passengers… The result of legacy infrastructure consisting of over 800 servers in data centres across South Africa.”

Opting to consolidate their servers by migrating to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), they were able to make tremendous cost reductions.

“This enabled us to scale our server usage up or down according to demand and reduce our server footprint costs by 60%.”

The Cloud Has A Whole Lot More To Offer

So how exactly does legacy differ from cloud?

Other than the fact that legacy technology is older, pricier and requires a lot more effort to maintain, there are a number of key differentiators.

These differences are rooted in the improvements that cloud computing can make on existing and traditional IT:

BIG Savings

CAPEX costs end up putting huge strain on companies. The costs associated with operation, maintenance, salaries, etc. are all significantly reduced by using cloud providers.

Cloud computing allows you to scale according to demand and pay for the compute power, storage and any added services that you require.

Scalable & Flexible

Traditional IT systems depend on resource availability and pricey software. If your company requires more storage space, compute power, or software versatility, then you can expect to fork out a lot more.

The cloud gives you access to endless server resources, unlimited storage capacity and a large selection of quick and easy-to-use software. Best of all, it’s flexible and scalable. Not only can you choose the exact resources that you require, but you also only pay for what you use. Saving you time and money.


Having your servers on-site can be dangerous. You risk breaches (by hackers), hardware failure and damage to property (disasters, riots, etc.). 

And paying extra for security isn’t cheap. 

With the best cloud providers available (AWS, Azure, GCP), high-level professionals that specialise in cyber-security and data encryption secure your data. You can also rely on the fact that the equipment will always be up-to-date and always improving.

Familiarise Yourself With The Cloud (And Our Content)

So how do you get up to 60% reduction in your server costs? Easy.

Every business will inevitably undergo some form of digital transformation. It’s only a matter of when. And the cloud, with all of its many advantages, remains essential to that journey.

Perhaps the journey appears to be a fairly complicated and uncomfortable shift to take – we assure you that it’s not.

That’s why we pride ourselves on offering you the absolute best in modern technological expertise. Our cloud and data engineering specialists will ensure that not only will your data make it to the cloud securely, but that it will run in an optimised, cost-effective way.

Make your transition to the cloud easier than it needs to be. Contact Us, today.

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