Here’s One Way We Put Our Staff First

We’re a business that puts our staff first, our customers second, and our partners third. 

So how do we put our staff first?

I think this is a really good question. 

Because at the very heart of the idea of staff-first is that business is about people.

It’s about how we create and share value together as human beings. 

  • How do we contribute towards a greater goal?  
  • How do we actually find the value and the meaning and the purpose  in the small moments of the work that we do every single day? 

Putting staff first means we work within the framework of a business that focuses on delivery. This is why we swap it around with customers. Most companies put customers first and  they focus on the needs of their customers at the expense of everything else. 

They will put their staff under increasing pressure to actually deliver against what the customer actually needs. 

And we don’t believe this is a healthy thing, because ultimately running a business like that comes down to the belief that a business is about profits.

 For sure. Businesses need to make money. 

They need to generate revenue.  

They need to have a very positive, healthy cash flow. There needs to be a healthy savings in the bank account that allows you to invest and drive the business forward.

It’s not purely about shareholder value. 

You need to drive the business forward in a healthy way.

And if our focus is balancing this people element with the sustainability of the business,   then you have a very healthy scenario. 

So this is a very simple idea of how we put our staff first, and it’s about how we look at the daily actions that we do and the decisions that we make and the impact that those decisions have on our staff and the idea of conflicts between customer and staff is a good example of that.  

I hope that answers the question.

As a staff-first business, this is really, really important to us because at the end of the day, people that are truly healthy and engaged in the work that they do, find value back into their personal lives, and it contributes to the greater wellbeing   of the entire system.

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