How AI helps you Automate your Competitive Advantage

Speed Counts in an AI-Driven World!

Replacing mundane, time-consuming workflows with automation and AI should be a goal every organisation aims to achieve. That’s why Brett and Michael chose to dig a little bit deeper into the idea of the competitive advantages of AI over here:

Video Transcript


Brett St Clair:
Welcome to I have to admit my absolute favourite question in the whole world is, “How are we going to see AI help us automate and optimise, especially in these times where there is this complete kind of disaster and crisis on our economic systems and our health systems? The ability to automate and optimise must be the number one party right, Mike?

Michael Cowen:
You would think you will absolutely think In fact, I mean, we are seeing a lot of our clients actually driving us optimization quite aggressively because it does allow them to do so many of the points that we’ve spoken about ready, but Brett, I’m just going to hand this one over to you because you are so passionate about this one.

Automation and Competitive Advantage

Brett St Clair:
I do get very passionate. I love seeing manual processes, paperwork, all of a sudden being automated. And so many people are jumping to this term of RPA. They’re using robotic process automation, which in the banks and these big businesses I get. And for those of you don’t know what it is, it is literally a computer that goes and fills in the forms and does the process, literally manually, but automatically.

I think it’s a great stopgap for the next year or two. And I have to admit, now that things are accelerating. I’d rather be doing this properly, digitalize those processes and then start to automate them, using event based scripting. Using AI to decide whether or not you take a decision or not. I think that’s more important, spend your time investing there. RPA was a nice stopgap for the last five years, not sure if you should be using a stop gap in today’s times.

Michael Cowen:
No, absolutely Brett. I think you know, just to really expand on that, what this automation does, is it frees up capacity in your organisation. And it reduces the mundaneness of repetitive, boring tasks that we feel are really, really important. And yes, they are because they drive the business forward.

But if you can start redesigning your workflows around a digital automation, and I think what’s important here, Brett is just to really point that, you know, when you digitising workflows, it’s not a question of just taking old workflows and digitising them in a way that makes sense. You’ve got to actually redesign the workflows to drive the efficiencies, to reduce the friction, to find those cost advantages and really release the potential that is sitting in the organisation. That’s what automation can do for you, big time.


Brett St Clair:
And on top of that, guys, use the cloud. And we always talk about the cloud, is flattening the curve on your capex budget lines. Because no longer you have to invest in these big spikes in capex, you get into this opex flow. And as you needed to get little caps, but you essentially, you know, reducing that curve by moving to cloud, I really don’t think there’s any choice anymore. There might be a hybrid setup across different cloud providers. But really, if you’re not thinking hyper scalars, this is the time stop taking advantage of the massive optimization of costs and investment that comes with Cloud.

Michael Cowen:
Boom. And on that note, Brett, thank you and good bye.

Brett St Clair:
Chat to you later.

Michael Cowen:

And there we have it, the competitive advantage of AI.

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