How To Keep Disrupting Yourself (With AI)

Creating Uncontested Market Leadership

We live in a world that has been disrupted, is being disrupted and will continue to be disrupted. So the question is, can AI help you continually disrupt yourself so that you stay ahead of the game? Can it help you dominate the market and show true leadership? Is AI disruption the future?

Brett and Michael do some exploring in this episode of Making AI Work:

Video Transcript

Introduction (AI Disruption)

Michael Cowen:
Hello and welcome to We live in a world that is being disrupted, is getting disrupted, and will continually be disrupted. So the question is, Brett, can AI help you continually disrupt yourself so that you stay ahead of the game, and really own the market, and show true leadership that your customers keep coming back for more because they love what you’re doing?

Brett St Clair:
That is the longest question I’ve ever heard in my life. So we gonna probably have to think about how do we shorten it for I header it, but it’s a very good point, Mike. And it is really important that we use AI to continuously disrupt. And, I mean, for me, the key thing is it allows you to make decisions quicker. You know, if you’re going to be disrupting your marketplace, you best be making quick decisions. And large organisations struggle with that, a) to make a decision because it’s usually by team, by steerco, by manco.

No one wants to make a decision, because they never have the right data sets. So now you can have access to the right data, that’s probably even going to be more predictable. So it’s making decisions a hell of a lot easier. My favourite part is always culture, if we can develop a culture around AI. And what I mean by that is the ability when you are failing to stop and retrain, because that’s what you do when it comes to algorithms. You continually retraining you get into this culture of you know, it’s okay to fail and learning and I will retrain our engine. That is how you’ll continuously disrupt right, Mike?

Growth and Culture In Digital Transformation

Michael Cowen:
No, absolutely. Sorry. I got really excited about that intro to that question because you know what, it’s the buzzword. It’s like digital transformation, digital disruption, everyone’s talking about it. And I do think a lot of people are really struggling to understand it. But but you know what I like about the idea of using AI to continually disrupt yourself. It’s exactly the cultural side of it.

Because what it means is your whole mindset moves from this kind of static moat, boxed mindset to this really dynamic growth mindset, where everyone across the organisation is thinking about how do we grow the organisation differently? And how can we continually grow the organisation because we creating value, we creating better quality experiences, both for the customers and for our staff.

So it’s never this dynamic thing. And, you know, Peter Senge, in the Fifth Discipline, which is really about systems thinking, has this incredible expression, which I really use quite a lot: Yesterday solutions are today’s problems. And what AI helps you do, from a cultural and technical and business operations. point of view, is to redefine yesterday solutions, which have become today’s problems, in a new way. And it becomes very exciting. Well, I think so, anyway.

Brett St Clair
I love that Mike, because today you are my problem. So how would I use AI? Bye. Bye. Thanks, guys on that note.

Michael Cowen
That’s been that was cool.

Brett St Clair
Yeah, that’s cool. I like that. There we go.

AI disruption opens the way for new opportunities, huge growth and rapid innovation.

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